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16-year-old Latonia Janelle Carwell has been missing for two weeks with her stepfather Leon Lamar Tripp (both pictured above).

WRDW’s Kelly Wiley reports:

The last time both Carwell and Tripp spoke to her mother, Tonya Tripp, was April 17 over the phone.

Leon Tripp told his wife he was with Latonia and that they were going to help his friend “Maurice” with a broken down vehicle.

Leon Tripp was seen on April 21, 2017 at the Stop N’ Shop Grocery located at 785 Lee Street SW Atlanta, Ga., but Latania Carwell was not with him. It is unknown what clothing Carwell and Tripp had on at the time that they left the residence.

Information that has been gathered so far suggests that Carwell and Tripp are possibly in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

The family is offering a $500 reward for any information regarding their disappearance.

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27 thoughts on “Stepfather Missing With 16-Year-Old For Two Weeks, Kidnapping Warrants Issued

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  2. Lawanda jackson on said:

    I think this man prayed up on this girl asking her to help him read the navigation in the car while going to help someone. After leaving things turned for him with a different mindset. I feel he is guilty and he has done something wrong.

  3. Denise on said:

    Maybe it’s my mind playing tricks, but her smile looks strained and he looks like he has a slight grip on her shoulder. It’s not just the women who need to be careful who they bring home.

  4. GAYNELL GABRIEL on said:

    Even if the stepdaughter went willing she still is a child even though she might think she is grown he needs to be in prison for the rest of his life.I have a 16 year granddaughter and thought of her with a grown as man why won’t he he let her call her mother
    because he knows his assistant is going straight to jail

  5. A Good Catholic Girl on said:

    While I believe there are solid families where there is the presence of a step-parent, there are stories such as this that have cause for concern. Moms, WAIT until your children, girls and boys, are grown before taking up with a male. Place all your attention on your children.

  6. Marilyn Grimes on said:

    I think they ran off together,why would the daugther have to go off with her so call step father to help him fix a friend car? Doesn’t sound right?l think he played on that young girl,lord l hope she is founded safe and he gets locked up for life.

  7. Katren Moss on said:

    Wow…it’s a shame that everyone on here thinks he ran off with her for some kind of sexual pleasure. Although that may be the case; I didn’t read anything like that in the story-and I read it a couple of times to make sure I didn’t miss that clue (I think the tone has more to do with the white teacher and his student-who by the way went with him willingly). Again I’m not saying that his motives are pure but what if both of them were abducted? Idk…all I’m saying is let’s pray for her/them to return safely to get the truth.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Ladies just can’t bring anyone around your children, especially around your very young and teenage girls they are not worthy. I do hope this young girl will be found safe and unharmed. Not sure why she is not calling/texting her mom just to let her know she’s safe if nothing else.

  8. Virginia on said:

    I cannot believe that some people here are making light of this–“out hittin that”. This guy is a SCUMBAG, and so is anybody who thinks this is funny. How would you feel if some guy/woman you married was pursuing a sexual relationship with your teenage daughter or son right under your nose? Bet it wouldn’t be so cute and funny then.

  9. mr.ikey on said:

    let me say this if he is out hitting it he should be imprisoned for all the days of his life that he has left.

  10. specialt757 on said:

    Okay I need some clarification, which has nothing to do with nothing…maybe. But is that photo above a pic of the 16 y.o. and her stepfather or the mother and her husband?

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