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If you thought megachurch drama was limited to TV shows like Greenleaf, well, you’d be wrong. A new scandal has rocked the church world this week and its one closely connected to Bishop T.D. Jakes. A married Denver pastor has resigned after allegations that he was cheating with his godchild – his married godchild. Chris Hill, a Jakes protegé who is pastor of the The Potters House Church Of Denver, left his post earlier this month.

The Christian Post reports:

“The Potter’s House Church of Denver announces today that Senior Pastor Chris Hill, has tendered a letter of resignation effective immediately. Further, after several weeks of ministry, counseling and contemplation, Pastor Chris and his wife Joy Hill will be seeking a formal separation,” the church noted in a since removed statement on Facebook last Thursday.

Shirnae McFarlane (l) and her husband, Chris Hill and his wife

“While they are both saddened on many accounts they feel it is the best decision for both their personal healing and the successful continuation and growth of the Denver Church body. All of us here at the Potter’s House Denver are praying for Pastor Hill and his wife as they embark upon this very personal journey. The Church leadership will respect their privacy at this time as any further decisions about the state of their marriage will be a private one between them and their families,” the statement continued.

The resignation comes just two weeks after Jake’s ministry confirmed with The Christian Post that Hill had been nixed from the International Pastors & Leadership Conference set for April 27-29 at Jakes’ The Potter’s House of Dallas in Texas.

Shirnae McFarlane, (c) Anthony McFarlane (l) and Chris Hill

Several weeks ago, Joy Hill, Chris Hill’s wife of more than 20 years, alleged in a mass text message to church members that she was able to verify that her husband carried on an affair with their young goddaughter, Shirnae McFarlane, who got married to Arthur McFarlane III on September 26, 2014.

“FYI Pastor called the police on me tonight because I yelled at him asking him to leave the house tonight and he wouldn’t. I was upset because he won’t stop having an affair with Shirnae, and I can’t live like this anymore. They’ve been having an affair for SEVERAL months, and he finally admitted it yesterday (after I hired a private investigator to have them followed over the past 6 weeks),” Joy Hill reportedly said in the text message first cited by the Obnoxious Television blog, which broke the news about the late Bishop Eddie Long’s cancer last September.

Shirnae McFarlane’s alleged cuckolded husband, Arthur McFarlane III, has since updated his relationship status on Facebook to “Separated” while his wife’s status remains “Married.”

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