A New York City school principal is is facing assault charges after he allegedly beat a seven-year-old student in what he claimed was a form of corporal punishment.

NBC reports that Machael Spencer-Edwards, principal at P.S. 202 Ernest S. Jenkyns School in East New York, was arrested Tuesday on charges of assault and acting in a manner that is harmful to a child. Spencer-Edwards told police about the March 13 incident, reportedly saying that the child, Hasheem Welch, was being inappropriate, and he was using corporal punishment to correct the behavior.

Shema McKenzie, Hasheem’s mother, told reporters the principal was angry that her son didn’t take off his hoodie in the cafeteria. Spencer-Edwards and another teacher reportedly grabbed the boy and as a result, he hit the teacher. Hasheem revealed, “I started to get crazy, I hit [the teacher]. Then [the principal] grabbed me, bring me into the staircase and kicked me, and I was crying.”

The student added that Spencer-Edwards kicked him in the face and torso. McKenzie said she called police twice that day and was told to take it up with the school. She took her son to Brookdale Hospital later that night after he complained of stomach pains and doctors confirmed that his injuries indicated he’d been assaulted. After the principal denied assaulting Hasheem, McKenzie said she “let it go” and didn’t tell the other parents. So when police called her Tuesday night to inform her the principal had been arrested, she was surprised. She doesn’t know what changed or prompted the arrest more than a month later.

Spencer-Edwards was arraigned Tuesday night and released. He’s next scheduled to appear in court June 1. A spokesman for the Department of Education says Spencer-Edwards has been removed from the school and reassigned away from students.


22 thoughts on “Brooklyn Principal Arrested For Beating A Seven-Year-Old Student

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    We Black people know that SPANKINGS do work, typically. I only say ‘typically’, because we all are NOT the same and that may not work for everyone. However PARENTS should be allowed to make that call initially in the home. No, that principal had no business, whatsoever striking that child and what he did to that child was not a SPANKING, that was a beatdown and that is not even in the same category as receiving a spanking and he should be arrested after a beatdown from the child’s father, that you all keep asking about. TL, many of those in the prison system are the ones that had not boundaries at home, they were the ones fighting their parents, disrespecting the teachers and those actions WERE upheld by the parent when called into the class room. Look at who is in the prison system and have a talk with them. In the days when parents were the authority figures in the home and children were not running the household the jails and prisons were full of Black men who were the scapegoats for and falsely accused by their White counterparts. In this day and age many of the Black men in the same situation are the products of single mother homes where the absent father has no contact with the child AND the sympathizing mother ‘just wants to be his friend’ or just isn’t interested in taking care of the child of the deadbeat Dad that she produced this child with. Corporal Punishment should not be used in the home, however children need discipline and if a parent chooses to spank their child, than so be it. Spanking a disobedient child is not the same as Corporal Punishment. God gives us parents the right and the privilege to use the ROD OF CORRECTION with our offspring, ALONG with teaching them moral and values and a respect for GOD and authority. Parents, teachers, police officers and other GROWNups are not equals with children and people need to STOP telling children that they are. No child should DEMAND respect from an adult they, should stay in a child’s place and the parents need to insist that on this stance as they (parent) deal adult to adult with the complaints of their own children.

  2. These kids run the schools now. Everybody saying let the parent deal with the child is silly. I am sure if they called she wouldn’t not have ran up there to help the situation. This is why these kids do what they want. The district and the teachers no longer have control but the youth do. That is why it is out of control and the parents enjoy it. “Don’t hit my baby” and Blah. keep spoiling the child and they will end up hitting you

  3. Stephanie on said:

    Disrespectful little bastard, he is displaying exactly what he does at home, his mom cant control him. My eight year old grandson raised his hands at me, I guarantee He’ll never do it again “Spare the rod, spoil the child.”

  4. Why on Earth would the mother let it go? Adults cross the line like that when they think the parents won’t show up. I had trouble as a kid and trust me when I say adults do a lot when they think no one is looking. I’m glad he was arrested but the mom has to do more.

  5. How sad! Children need to be understood and not beaten. This solves absolutely nothing. Many of us African Americans believe that we can beat a child into submission when that’s clearly not the case. It is the true definition of Ignorance (we don’t know). We were beaten as children so we’re locked into the notion that it really worked but I when you look at the prison system that tells a different story.

    This principal need to resign and he need to take a parenting class as well as a leadership course. Violence is not the answer. “When we know better we do better”

  6. Why did he hit his teacher? Why is his father? Probably being brought up by a useless mother. Corporal punshipment is sometimes the answer

    • Concerned WHITE Parent on said:

      Corpal punishment for a child!!!! You deserve corpal punishment for making such a statement. Stop bashing his mother. Somebody should’ve beat and kicked your kids ass when they were in school because your old ass is beyond ignorant.

    • The story said he hit the teacher because she grabbed him. If the child isn’t yours, you don’t touch PERIOD. You are supposed to talk to the parent and the parent will deal with the child. The rest of what you said is completely irrelevant.

  7. Concerned WHITE Parent on said:

    Instead of all the antics and racist remarks, we need to take an honest look at the actual incident. A child had been scorned for life and probably will never trust or respect his peers at church. Stop worrying about if the mother wears weave or goes to the club. Try to figure out why you use terrible incidents like this to show your true racist ignorance. Would you be proud to make the same statements above to God.

    By the way, I am white and would never want this to happen again to ANY child.

  8. Dr. Larry on said:

    If single black mother put in half the time at being role model parents as they spend on their weave and clubbing, these problems would reduce 10 fold.

  9. Thank God the entire incident is on a video–the POS principal attempted to lie his way out of it.

    This principal needs to RESIGN if this is how he treats school children.!!!!!!!

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