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FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A man who shot and killed three people at random on the streets of downtown Fresno shouted “Allahu akbar” during his arrest Tuesday and had posted on social media that he disliked white people, authorities said.

Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, was arrested shortly after the morning rampage that left three white men dead, police said. Muhammad, who is black, fired 16 rounds in one minute at four places within a block.

He walked up to a utility truck and shot a Pacific Gas & Electric Co. employee sitting in the passenger seat, authorities say. The driver of the truck sped off to the police department for help, but the man died.

Muhammad then shot at another person and missed. He aimed at a third, killing him on the sidewalk of a neighborhood lined with tall trees. The final victim was gunned down in the parking lot of a charity building.

“These individuals who were chosen today did not do anything to deserve what they got,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said. “These were unprovoked attacks by an individual that was intent on carrying out homicides today. He did that.”

It’s too soon to say whether Muhammad, who was homeless and filled his social media feeds with racially charged posts, had ties to any militant groups or causes, Dyer said.

Stephen Hughes, 66, said he and his wife rushed home Tuesday after receiving a frantic call from a neighbor. Hughes came home to see a body draped in a blanket on the sidewalk leading to his front door.

He first thought the shooting was gang-related, but then he noticed the bag of groceries near the body.

“This guy doesn’t look like a drug guy. It looks like a guy carrying his groceries home from the store,” Hughes said.

Muhammad had a criminal past and was wanted in connection with a shooting last week that killed a security guard at a Fresno motel who had responded to a disturbance. The security guard also was a white man.

On what appeared to be Muhammad’s Facebook page, he repeatedly posted “#LetBlackPeopleGo” and encouraged “black warriors” to “mount up.” A flurry of posts emerged in the past day.

He wrote that his “kill rate increases tremendously on the other side” and also posted about “white devils.” On several occasions, he wrote updates that included the phrase “Allahu Akbar,” meaning “God is great” in Arabic.

Muhammad has a criminal history that includes arrests on weapons, drugs and false imprisonment charges and making terrorist threats. He had been associated with gangs but was not a confirmed member, police say.

Muhammad was charged in 2005 with possessing cocaine with intent to distribute, court records show. Federal prosecutors said at the time that he was also in possession of a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and two rifles after being convicted of a felony.

He claimed insanity, and his attorney requested a psychiatric examination for his client, saying Muhammad “appeared eccentric with some bizarre beliefs.” A psychiatrist who examined Muhammad believed he had psychosis, Muhammad’s attorney said in the court filing.

He also “suffered auditory hallucinations and had at least two prior mental health hospitalizations,” according to court documents. His attorney said that Muhammad had “paranoia” and thought the justice system and his defense attorney were conspiring against him, court papers said.

The attorney who represented Muhammad in that case did not return a call for comment Tuesday.

Public records list Muhammad as Cory Taylor and other aliases with addresses in Fresno and Sacramento. A woman who identified herself as Taylor’s grandmother said Tuesday that the family last saw him on Easter Sunday. She hung up the phone before giving her name.

Authorities spotted Muhammad running and took him into custody. Police are looking for the revolver.

Police say two of the victims may have been clients of Catholic Charities, which provides a variety of services for refugees, the homeless and those for disabilities.

Catholic Charities doesn’t believe Muhammad has ties to the nonprofit, spokeswoman Teresa Dominguez said.

Seyed Ali Ghazvini, imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno, said Muhammad was not a member of his congregation and he did not recognize him. The imam said he is consulting with other faith leaders.

“We are very sorry for this to happen,” Ghazvini said. “We offer condolences for the victims, we pray for the victims and their families.”


Contributing to this report are Associated Press writers Kristin J. Bender, Olga R. Rodriguez and Janie Har in San Francisco; Jonathan J. Cooper and Don Thompson in Sacramento; Mike Balsamo in Los Angeles; and researcher Jennifer Farrar in New York City.

 PHOTO: Fresno police

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28 thoughts on “Three Killed In Fresno By Black Man Who Said He Hated Whites

  1. Привет пользователям хочу поделиться новым фильмом –

    Вот его короткое описание, кому не интересно простите 🙂

    Третий фильм – логическое продолжение предыдущих. Теперь действие разворачивается в 2016 году. Общество достигло поразительных высот в развитии науки и техники, технологий, однако терпит колоссальный ущерб от глобального кибер-терроризма. Теперь новые герои будут бороться с Синигами и Тетрадями смерти, число которых равно шести, и столько же Богов Смерти – владельцев Тетрадей.

  2. Alberta on said:

    Our country is polluted because people shed innocent blood without remorse..that show how Godless we a nation. As for the black community if we want to healed 1st we must understand the commandment “Tho shall not kill” innocent blood pollutes our people…I believe YAH/GOD is the judge over his creation…he executes judgment everyday whether we agree or not. Satan will have to answer for everything he seduces men to do

  3. This guy, just like Dylan Roof belong to the same party…COWARDS…Cowards like Peter Johnson, spend time attacking people who are no threat to them. in that process good people get hurt. If all Racist of all color or backgrounds destroy each other., with no harm to good people who respect each other, we would have perfect world. love thy neighbor.

  4. Peter, your hatred, anger and bigotry is so very tiring. If you’re going to rant statistics, do it intelligently, if that is even possible for someone like you. This recent incident is horrific – – no less than other murderous rampages. What you need to understand is that evil is evil. It does not care about or consider your socio-economic status; your neighborhood; level of education; number of degrees, and yes, color of your skin. It is just evil. And as long as you continue with your asinine rhetoric, you are an integral part of the evil.

  5. The same can also be said for the 100’s of millions “whites” have saved including people of color, US/ European “Whites” freed jews from Nazi genocide, in 94 helped save Rwandan’s from genocide from other blacks (even though Bill Clinton stood by and did nothing) not to mention 100’s of millions of Africans saved from disease and famine because of food aid and breakthroughs in medicine
    It cuts both ways…… just sayin

    • Let’s be clear, white folks don’t get a pat on the back for the shit they caused in the first place. Maybe you don’t remember, Hilter was the cause of Jewish people’s anguish and genocide (during that time); other white folks should have stepped in, that’s the least they could do.
      As far as African people and Rowanda(?), America stood by and did nothing because there was nothing to be gained and that’s because we are ran by a country of greedy ass white folks. Time and time again, if you want the source of all corruption, just look at the top of the corruption & greed pyramid and there sits what….A WHITE MAN.

      • Chris on said:

        Wow, special, your blind racist ignorant hatred is a sickness. You say America is run by greedy ass white men who did nothing for Rwanda. Who was the POTUS from 2009 through 2016? Where was your hero Maxine? Where was Jesse? Where was Al? Where was Corey Booker? Where was Pelosi? Where was Reid? Where was Keith Ellison? Where was Hillary? Not a peep from them. They were more interested in allowing illegal aliens from Mexico and South America to sneak in and register as democrats. They were more interested in allowing men to pee in the girls room. They were more interested in appeasing their feminazis and enviro nuts donors. Who was POTUS in 1994 when 25,.00 Rwandans were murdered, who was his wife?
        Bush visited 10 African nations including Rwanda, did Obama? No, ironically he visited Kenya.
        Bush committed $100 million to help train and equip the U.N.-African Union mission in western Sudan’s Darfur region. Obama gave $221 million to the Palestinians.
        The United States under Bush provided nearly 7,000 Rwandan troops with training and spent more than $17 million to equip and transport Rwandan troops for service in Sudan.
        Yeah, greedy white men.

    • Jose’, speaking on corrupted white folks…I hear your hero frat brother Bill O’ is in trouble with his network again, looks like they may have to cut ties with the fat head race baiter. The major sponsors pulled out of airing their million dollars’ worth of commercials and you know rich white folk don’t take that to kindly. Looks like he may be getting the axe soon, more allegations of sexual misconduct, what a winner! But good news for him, he still has a major following of racists idiots supporting him (you included), so I can see him getting a racist news spot on XM radio soon.

      • Diane on said:

        Yeah. Notice how he hasn’t said squat about the race baiter, oreally. His super hero. But he’s always ready to call out BLM….F him!!

  6. specialt757 on said:

    There is not enough time left or space wide enough on earth to list out all the crimes against humanity or animals by white folks since our beginning. Real talk. petey go sulk in your own piss and leave these good folks alone.

  7. Cynthia Riddle on said:

    So sad. I am praying for these families. Violence is wrong no matter who it’s against. But…Peter, my friend. You can not compare what whites have done to ALL races with what has been done to them. Not even close. Stop bringing in false statistics into conversations such as these.

  8. Sick and twisted and what did it accomplish? I agree why can’t the DRoofs and this idiot cory taylor fool run into each and have a full fledged gun battle against each other and leave everyone else alone, would save the rest of us a lot of grief.
    Absolutely no compassion, I wish he would have saved the tax payers shit loads of $$$ to support is sorry ass for the next 20 years before his execution.

  9. Arthur Childress on said:

    How come people like Mr. Muhammad and Sargent Bongiavanni down in Georgia never seem to meet up! Put them in a cage together!

  10. Heyyou! on said:

    Hey dick face peter. You are the liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!you sit behind that computer talking all that shit about black people. when you know yo mama suck black d$#k all the time and yo daddy is a carpet muncher when it comes to black women. Hell we want nothing to do with your racist ass either but unfortunately we have to live with people like you on this earth. Tell yo mama to leave our black men alone and yo daddy to leave our black women alone.

  11. This young mans frustrations and Hatred are just the tip of the iceberg.

    African American’s have every right to be ANGRY with Amerykah and white folks.
    However, picking up an assault rifle and going out killing all whites is not going to
    resolve anything.

    Whites need to reign in their false “SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT.”
    In addition to their so called “SUPERIORITY.”!!!!!!!!!

    They are no better than ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Really on said:

    Hate gets you no where don’t care who you are. Sad people feel they can kill people to solve their problems . People have been killing for years . Blacks did not event murder. There have been many other races that have been killed because of their skin Color by Kkk and others. It’s all crazy.

  13. jhuff on said:

    He was Inspired by BLM terrorist group the same organization embraced by Hillary and Obama looks like he had their blessing, I mean if white supremacist are encouraged by Trump

    • That’s a damn lie. Do not put this shit on Obama and Hillary. They never incited violence. U have that twisted. The guy who did these killings has a twisted mind.

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