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The new season of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” is set to premiere on Monday, April 17. In the meantime, the extended trailer for the show has dropped and oh boy, is it ever a doozey!

As you may have heard, Evelyn Lozada is back and immediately gets into it with Tami Roman. There’s no faking the funk, here. The drama is real. Tami also mixes it up with Jackie Christie, who goes crazy and is ready to take it to the next level, if you get our drift. Oh yeah, guess who’s still on the scene? Yep, Malaysia Pargo has also returned and brought her unwanted friend Brandi Maxiell along for the ride.

By the way, the show, which will be relocating to Los Angeles this season, will be featuring a couple of new characters — Keonna Green and Aja Metoyer.

Oh yeah, “Basketball Wives” OG Evelyn Lozada is back ’cause she was inspired by the fans to return. She’s also bringing the belief that reality television has fallen off and she intends to fix that problem. It’ll be interesting to see how she identifies and fixes the problem, whatever it may be.

“Basketball Wives” (season 6) is back starting Monday, April 17th at 9/8c on VH1! Will you be watching?

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