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The ongoing drama between Tiny, T.I.‘s wife, and Bernice Burgos, T.I.’s alleged lover, continues.

It all unfolded after Burgos and a friend posted a video of the two of them bobbin’ their heads to Xscape’s “Just Kickin It,” which begged an epic response from Tiny.

And clap back she did.

“Funny…@realberniceburgos that same Man u speaking of was laid up with his wife last night,” she wrote on Instagram. “So quit being petty cause clearly you getting lied too if u thinking anything different. Hope you didn’t take him serious! Now keep sanging my s—!! U know u slick a fan anyway.”

So it looks like the Harris’ may be on their way to reconciliation after Tiny filed for divorce from her husband last year?

“@majorgirl we not about to sit here and argue about no N—- hunny anything else you have to say just let me know ill dm you my number,” Burgos responded.

Burgos continued in a separate comment where she denied being petty and called Tiny out about her looks.

“I wanted to keep all of this off the internet because this really isn’t me at all but you CLEARLY let this pretty face fool you. Where Im from? We don’t type we really about that. & if you laid up with him then why you so pressed about me,” she wrote.

Will we see all of this unfold on the new season of “TI. & Tiny: The Family Hustle?” Only time will tell…

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8 thoughts on “Tiny And Bernice Burgos Trade Social Media Barbs Over T.I.

  1. Attention: Side chicks don’t ever believe that you will ever be more relevant than the babies mama’s and never ever believe that you will be more important than the wife. Know your place, you are either a “just until” or a “in the meantime and in between time”. We wives ain’t hardly bothered !!

  2. truth on said:

    Acting like a childish whore playing games and then send a message to “dm” her, seriously?! An adulterous trick wanting to be on top. Just dirty, pretty faces are a dime a dozen, thousands of big @$$e$ and tits on videos that’s why you on a video with a friend and not TI, he wants his wife. You ain’t the 1st and won’t be the last pretty girl or ugly one depending on one’s opinion to sleep with a married man. One day she’ll probably try ti sue him and say he put something in her drink #OneOfThe #OldestProfessions.

  3. This is truly embarrassing. Clearly money cannot get you class. I will not insult the ghetto by calling them such. I will simple address them as ill-mannered or just simply TRASH.

  4. Christianforreal on said:

    I apparently missed something here. Now the article noted that Tiny ‘clapped back’, did the opposing party not have to clap initially before you get the ‘clap back’? And I did not note an initial clap. Please point out!!!!. The article mentioned that the ladies noted that they were heading bobbing to music that Tiny helped put together, why should Tiny be offended by that and how did that involve the man she was supposedly laying with the night before? This was soooooo over my head!!!!

  5. ButterPecan on said:

    Tiny please don’t air your dirty laundry on social media! If TIP was where he was supposed to be, she already know that! Work on your marriage and that THOT will go away. TIP will make sure of it if he’s a real man!

  6. Changed Name on said:

    I am embarrassed for the both of them. TI is sitting back feeling like a pimp. When your wife has to brag about sleeping with her husband then that wife is officially a side-chick. He ain’t worth it Tiny. Leave him.

    • C.Robbins on said:

      Agree! The best recourse is to get out of the marriage! Wendy Williams put it perfectly on yesterday. TI was on the View well dressed in his cardigan nice eyewear and his good dental work but the sloppiness you would think he would do better! Keeping that private.
      But as most women know when a man does not have the courage to just walk away he will typically try these types of shenanigans! B/c he is gutless. The entire thing is a shame it goes to show all the money in the world cannot change mentality! These folks are clear example of this they have all the money/luxuries most people would want and this is all they can do! Truly sad!
      I think Tameka should have just ignored never said anything about it! Sometimes silence is golden! What she did do was confirm what is going on in private in she made it public! Finally, not saying she did this but having a baby still did not make the relationship do what she wanted it! It broken beyond repair both should just walk away! There are so many Black famous couples that understand the union of sacred union of marriage it is just an embarrassment for all of them!

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