MORNING MINUTE: Nothing But Trump


03/23/17 – Comedian Chris Paul runs through the day’s hottest Trump headlines.

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One thought on “MORNING MINUTE: Nothing But Trump

  1. During the US campaign, my statement was: it seems that the GOP candidate was frolicking a Machiavellian game with American society, and eventually he got it accurately. Therefore, ((Let us be honest to say exactly what makes this president look like in fact, so different than the previous ones, not because he’s Mr. Potshot! It’s just the reason that he does not care about re-elect. So he feels free to keep his campaign promises in addition pragmatic then, doesn’t bend to the media where it was the only way for a new chair to be loved by the other margin and the fourth estate. Nevermore with this one, all is unconventional. On the other side, if any kind of adjacent slipped a thoughtful thumbprint into this game, from my deep point of view it was just a free gift of collusion to the current president. Thereafter, there may be foggy coverings under the quadrangular or round table. But we are still not aware of any data; “Why right after the State of the Union Speech, some ammos have been disclosed? In addition, what follow-up? Otherwise, may the US officials or major political analysts accordingly be smart enough to not allow that free collusion to turn to the appalling (Blue flank) just for empty happiness! Even though, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin press secretary said no one can interfere in America’s affaires. But for the whole intention, an fmr US Amb to Russia just stated: ‘’this uncommon situation can make American weak in front of the World: M. Mcfaul’’ … Subsequently, in 1933 from Amburg to New Jersey where by 1939 A. Einstein was so gutsy in writing an epistle to the US President D. Roosevelt, then positively left a legacy through the Second World War. Therefore, can anyone try to do the same as well even for alternative matters? Let indeed spinning our stylo for good! I feel so far swiveling mine but I would not want to be the first. Let’s do it together… Versaint

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