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Chance the Rapper and his ex-girlfriend Kirsten Corley have reached an agreement in their child support case, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The pair had originally worked out a parenting plan in June 2016 for their now 18-month-old daughter, Kensli, that was dependent on them living under the same roof, but they are currently in the process of setting up separate residences, the paper reported.

The new case was presented to a Cook County, Illinois, judge on Monday (March 20) and afterwards both sides’ lawyers praised the parties for resolving the matter quickly and civilly.

“This case ended quickly because of the unusually high level of cooperation between the parents putting their child’s best interest first,” Corley’s attorney, Enrico Mirabelli, told the Tribune.

Chance’s attorney, Tanya Stanish, told the newspaper the new agreement covers child support and parenting time.

“Overall, I’d say they did a good job and worked well together and came to a fair resolution for everyone,” said Stanish.

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