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Helen Ford, a 55-year old woman, is currently on trial for killing her granddaughter, 8-year-old Gizzell “Gizzy” Ford, back in 2013. A tragic end was preceded by child abuse by her grandmother and father, Andre Ford, who died under jail custody from a heart attack in 2014.

Prosecutors played cellphone videos demonstrating the torture Gizzy endured at the hands of her family. She was tied up to her father’s bed for days with a sock or rag stuffed in her mouth while being denied food and water. Gizzy’s 10-year-old half brother testified that he saw his grandmother hit Gizzy in the mouth with a spatula, forced her to eat hot peppers and made her stand on one foot while holding her arms out. When the girl complained or cried, her grandmother would beat her with a belt. In one instance Gizzy even tried to kill herself by jumping off a second floor window, but was stopped by her grandmother.

The words from Gizzy’s diary commemorates and hauntingly testifies the life she lived. She wrote, “I am going to be a beautiful smart and good young lady. I can do anything I put my … smart mind to. People say I’m smart and courageous and beautiful.” At the same time, she penned, “I hope that I don’t mess up today because I really want to be able to just sit down, watch TV, talk and play with everybody. I am going to be great all day.” Then she later adds, “Not true…I failed.” In the weeks leading up to her death, Gizzy wrote in her journal, “I hate this life because now I’m in super big trouble.” Gizzy was eventually found strangled in her father’s room with a badly beaten body. Investigators said it was obvious Gizzy had been dead for some time.

We will keep you updated as more news surfaces on the accused grandmother’s trial.



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26 thoughts on “An Eight-Year-Old Girl Writes ‘I Hate This Life’ Before Being Murdered By Her Grandmother

  1. specialt757 on said:

    “…when they go low, we take the high road…” Look at you learning something from the best FIRST LADY of our times. I knew you had the ability to learn but make no mistake you are stupid.

  2. The little girl is resting in peace while her father (dead) and grandmother are not hopefully.

    The girl has failed to kill herself. But, her grandmother has definitely finished it for her.

    I wonder where the girl’s half-brother would end up.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Larry is this your sister? A disrespectful, 13 y.o. uneducated tramp who is about to get her ass waxed, oh and wait, she’s white whaaaaaat? She’s got the right audience tho.

  3. Mrknowitall on said:

    There won’t be a Black Lives Matter March for this little black girl murdered in cold blood. Roll over, go back to sleep.

  4. Dr. Larry and MacBen's Inner Black Woman on said:

    I don’t know why ya’ll let Larry and Mac Ben get you all upset. Their vitriolic hatred for Black women is rooted in their unresolved mommy issues and latent homosexual feelings. Classic Freudian shit happening before our eyes. Forgive your mothers and come out of the closet.

  5. chris on said:

    What was the point of this article? Does BAW pay for useless information? I could make a boatload of cash, if so. No city or state information. C’mon

  6. Dr murphy on said:

    What did this kid do to get these horrible beatings.
    The adults lacking parenting skills.
    G,mom got psychological problems.
    Substance abuse issue’s.
    Alcohol abuse issue’s.
    Its one of these 4 definitely.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      The poor child did nothing to deserve this cruelty. She was born to a mother who saw her as nothing more then an increase to her monthly government check. As her mother did before her.

  7. Dr. Larry on said:

    I’ll tell you why this keeps happening, generations of welfare dependence. You have black women having kids without a father to collect welfare, because it’s what their mother and grandmother taught them to do. It’s what the Democrats want you to do. If you pursued an education and broke the cycle of poverty, you would be dangerous and useless to the Democrats. This is what Chris means by staying on the plantation. I expect the usual suspects to spew hate, but the longer they deny the truth, the more Gizzell Fords there will be. Sad

  8. Diane on said:

    This is a very tragic story. How do these things happen over and over again, How was it that no one was aware of this madness?? Not the schools, the neighbors, nobody came to this girls aid. Sad

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        Come on now Mac, when they go low, we take the high road brother. Ain’t no call for that

      • Mac Ben on said:

        Someone is an imposter. When did so many posters use the same image on their profiles? I’m out until BAW gets better security. ✌🏾

      • Mac Ben on said:

        Cyberstalking and identify theft are illegal. That being said, I have filed a complaint with the FCC- take that, n i g g a-b i t c h!!!

      • Larry hairhat you’re not fooling anyone, it’s easy to change your screen name as you’ve done so many times. You’re such a juvenile jackass, I won’t even respond to this, your day is coming, and I won’t be gentle.

    • I don’t know who the F**K you are, you call yourself Dr Larry, my grandmother is a black women and was never on welfare and my mother was not on welfare, I know plenty of black women and there daughters, and none of them have been on welfare, so you douche bag, stop generalizing that all black women and there daughters were brought up to go on welfare and GFY, you just Mac POS.

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        I’m so tired of your imbecile defense of, “I know people that aren’t on welfare, so you whole point is moot.” I never said ALL black females are on welfare, but enough are that it is an epidemic. If you can’t acknowledge that, then you are part of the problem. I notice in your reply, you were careful not to include yourself, you social service grabbing low life. The Dr. will NOT see you now.

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