3/1/17- Roland Martin talks to Omarosa Manigault and Howard University’s Dr. Greg Carr about the HBCU executive order, Pell Grants and more.

“It tells the agency what the President wants to get done. This President has done this within the first 40 days. We’ve moved the Executive Director from three tiers down, which is where President Obama had him. That Director will be housed in the white House. That’s important so that we don’t have to go through four tiers of bureaucracy,” Manigualt said.

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69 thoughts on “Omarosa Defends Trump’s HBCU Executive Order

  1. So Trump moved the Exec Director of HBCU initiatives to the White House from the Dept of Education – Big Whoopee DoDo! Where is the money? Obama increased aid for HBCUs to 4 billion. When the HBCU presidents wanted to talk about money Stephen, I mean Omarosa moved them out of the Oval House. But not before she made sure Kelly Anne jumped on the coach to snap the picture. A photo with HBCU presidents is proof positive that Trump has his African Americans. Trump is done with them now. It’s really about the money not where you move the office to try to show up Obama. Until Omarosa can get Trump to increase what Obama gave the HBCUs, the shift to the White House is worth about as much as the paper the Executive Order was written on.

    • there is absolutely no reason Trump should be doing anything for you black beasts? what do you black beasts do for white people except destroy our cities, leach our money away, and commit 90 percent of interracial crime! Please explain one thing you black beasts do to help white people. All those drunk white liberal buffoons going to africa trying to save the blacks beasts and help them only to be kicked in the face over and over again by the most violent racists on the planet bar none!

    • I am still waiting you racist POS! Please explain one thing you beasts do for white people. I see these drunk white libtards walking with you racist POS and BLM protesting and marching with you. Trillions are pumped into your communities from white devils like us. Hell that liberal pig Madonna even adopted two of you beasts as pets. Plenty of drunk white liberal humanitarians going to africa to help you beasts. Bill Gates and warren Buffett setting up funds specifically for you blacks beasts. Hundreds of thousands of dumb whites dying in the civil war to fee you. Please explain one thing you do for white people. Other than destroy our cities our communities and commit 90 percent of interracial crime.

      • Diane on said:

        And U should be in a mental institution. And take your crazy dumbass prez with u.

  2. Show-me on said:

    You people wont be happy unless trump provides free college education. You cant always get what you what so quit complaining all the time. You all act like you know Omarosa personally, calling her a bully and a puppet and everything else negative you can think of. What are you doing to uplift your communities instead? Stop hating all the time at least the man is trying. Sheesh.

    • First of all, let me clarify that I am not looking for free education. I earned my degree in Criminal Justice and paid for it. However, I ask the question, why can’t we get free education. Foreigners come to our country and do it every day. Doesn’t seem quite fair to me. Check the facts.

      • Donnie on said:

        💯 pure fact! But of course they will not address that nor will they see why as African Americans we would be frustrated at the clearly unequal treatment that we get as a whole. What’s amazing is how certain individuals make it seem as though we are crying and acting like babies because we want equal treatment and how we need to just accept anything that we can and be grateful! Is that what Caucasian people did as a whole? Just accept what it is and do nothing or did they go in and concur? Ok then!

  3. Sorry Roland but you failed on the interview with Omarosa. She walked all over you, and wouldn’t let you get a word in edge wise. She bully’s you just like she does everyone else.I don’t know why the media doesn’t tell Omarosa, Kellyanne, and everyone else that keeps bringing up President Obama, and years gone by THAT TRUMP IS NOW THE PRESIDENT AND PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR WHAT OVER THE TOP TACTICS TRUMP IS DOING. President Obama already served his term, and it’s now time to hold Trump’s feet to the fire

  4. Donnie on said:

    I wish that black people as a collective would be as passionate about black business, black economics, black leadership, and black families as they are about defending Obama! don’t get me wrong I definitely do not like trump and I actually like Obama but I’m not dumb enough to think that he did a lot for black people either. I understand that he was used as a puppet to appeal to black people with no action just as omarosa is. Until we as black people create and RUN our own organizations, our own groups and focus on our own economics and finances we will always get the short end of the stick! who do you think runs the White House? Everybody knows that the president is not in charge that’s clear with all of this hold up on trumps order to stop illegals from coming in so why debate these topics when we should be debating investments for our black youth like college funds, etc. higher education within the home since we know that the school system sucks no matter private or public and show our children ways to get scholarships and things like that instead of relying on the White House to do anything in the first place. Where are celebrities that are donating to college funds? sure there are some but it’s too many that are not ! Also why no alumnis donating to these colleges hardly at all? you’ve got athletes that are making millions like Michael Jordan who Are investing in prisons but yet black folks are lined up to buy his shoes! You have rappers calling our women everything but human and black women run out and buy their music! until we quit worrying about all of the stupid stuff we are always going to be in this position and it doesn’t matter if we have 10 black presidents it doesn’t matter.

    • vanessa on said:

      I keep reading and hearing that Obama didn’t do enough for black people well let me just say that we as Black people need to vote early and often. Don’t sit home on election day like a lot of you did in Nov and then complain because you don’t like what Trump is doing for this country, you and your families. You knew trump was running for president but you stayed home. We came out in Groves to vote for Obama but you stayed home for this election which was just as important as the election in 2008 and 2012. Some Black people need to stop complaining about what Obama didn’t do for Black people and start helping yourself because you definitely didn’t help yourself when you stayed home in November

  5. Charles A Robinson on said:

    Omarosa tried to connect Pell Grants and HBCU’S. She said Obama left a lot of Pell Grant money unclaimed. That money was unclaimed due to parents not thinking they were qualified, people not submitting the application, and people not completing the application. There’s no relation between the two.

  6. just before I saw the receipt that said $7527 , I accept that my mom in-law woz like actualey making money in there spare time from there pretty old laptop. . there aunt had bean doing this for less than twentey months and at present cleared the depts on there appartment and bourt a great new Citroën 2CV . look here…….

  7. JBoogie75 on said:

    The most immediate change has been the office relocation, but has anyone asked how that will be staffed? What will happen if it is run by an all political staff? What will happen when this administration leaves? What about the current federal staff? The sustainability plan? No one is questioning the infrastructure.

  8. I don’t understand why she is so hateful in her comments. They didn’t have an hour to interview her but she would not answer any questions. This show was very critical of the changes done to the parent loans as well as other things President Obamas administration did or didn’t do. But what they are proposing is similar to the Obama order. They are just moving their office in the White House. No funding without congressional approval so don’t get it twisted.

  9. Yo Daddy on said:

    I dislike Trump like the next sane rational human being, but that interview was down right horrible and disrespectful. Roland wouldn’t even let her speak. Also, why do black people i.e. all of y’all on the show this morning think saying something negative about President Obama is like blaspheming Jesus Christ. Y’all owe Omarosa an apology. And yes I think she is cooning for that dolla, but come on she didn’t deserve that.

  10. Trump throws you sambos a crumb and you’re grateful thanking massa! Where is his Health Care plan? Ohh that’s right he doesn’t have one and has No idea how to put one together.

  11. Honestly on said:

    The imbecilic cave n!@@er trump is only concerned with his fellow cave n!@@ers. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  12. Amarosa isn’t doing anything new. Read your history. The black woman has always gone to the Master to ask for things that will benefit her Man or son. He never saw anything wrong with that. She didn’t get it all the time. That was his way of emasculating the Black man.

    • Preach! That is the truth! Omarosa is doing exactly that but here’s thing it’s a gimmick that is what Trump does! You have 2 have Congress 2 give money! The Executive order is nothing basically! There are checks & balances in GOVT!

      The HBCU’s presidents were there for optics! Point blank nothing more nothing less! But my thought is this type of thing has been happening forever using Blacks under some false pretense! What is a bit troubling and people fail 2 see Trump platform is/was clear He has no interest in African Americans, Bannon/Trump are seeking WHITE homogeneity that is clear! So instead of running when the WH calls it should be well thought out b/c there is no interest that will ever benefit the African American Community!!

  13. Dr. Larry on said:

    Thank you President Trump for removing the regulatory red tape for HBCU’s, Obama sure wouldn’t and didn’t

  14. ButterPecan on said:

    Omarosa is the White House “House Slave!” She will do ANYTHING including Sell Her Soul to stay relevant! Don’t be trying to bash Obama witch! She tried to bully Roland on his show but he wasn’t having it! Have a seat bitch!

  15. She a want a b she just want to have a status
    She tries an she’s supposed to be a pastor tell her to give her collar back
    She’s not worthy no one is greater than our lord and savior trump not gonna save you

  16. Creole on said:

    Let’s not act like Trump did something new. Each President since Jimmy Carter have done the exact same thing. The only surprise it that he actually signed it.

  17. hag3 on said:

    …if within those 8 yrs their had been all this “Obama Critique” then why be so upset at Omarosa’s critique of the last 8yrs. FACT is Obama [and the white folks surrounding him] did do very poorly regarding his HBCU track record. Theres waaaay too much pious entity of Obama as Messiah. Omarosa is on the right track based on immediate progress and understanding PLUS TMCF gave her a “thumbs up”..the TIME and what MUST be done. Problem WE have is WE still want Feel Good & Talk Nice politics…

  18. samgirl66 on said:

    They are going to need to get to college first. How are you going to sign an Executive Order for HSBC’s while you appointment to your administration a woman to lead the Education department that will Gut the public School System which is majority black. Believe me he has no plans to give them anything.

  19. Marilyn on said:

    There is something extremely mean spirited about Omarosa. She is always casting aspersions on Obama and that is why I tune her out when she is speaking.
    The meeting with the HBCU presidents was nothing more than window dressing. A photo op for Omarosa to justify her job. Trump rushed through the meeting and reduced the amount of time for the presidents to speak. None of them were able to talk substantively about anything. To Omarosa I say good job slave!

    • Omarosa has seen a lot of tragedy in her life recently but I just can’t. I’ve tried to see her differently, but I’m still not a fan. This Executive Order, is just that. Until you “show us the money” your words mean nothing. The constant comparing of Trumps 40 days in office to the Obama Administration is simply an effort to “sell” themselves. You’ve already won the election. Get to work and stop campaigning.

      • JoedaGriot on said:

        I’d bet good money Omarosa was the catalyst for some of that tradegy, especially the death of Michael Clark Duncan, she’s kryptonite.

  20. Mia.P on said:

    Good he is not the only one President Obama did things for the young people in college so trump is not doing anything that have not been done. she have sold her soul to the devil and good they need to do more for Black American remember we build this County

  21. Chris on said:

    The haters have no idea what they are hating. He is cutting red tape for HBCUs. If he had done the same thing for a white group, the leftists’ heads would explode.

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