Lorraine Toussaint stars in FOX’s series ‘Rosewood’ alongside Morris Chestnut and LeToya Luckett. Lorraine talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about her most famous roles on television and her blog, Everyday Lovely.

Which character was more fun to play – Orange Is The New Black or Rosewood?

“Vee cost me more. Each role has a price. Vee was  more expensive. I’m not used to having that much negativity drive my car. Just in my body, energetically, that was interesting…it was exhausting.”

How does she explain Trump to her daughter?

“My daughter asks questions all the time. I stop her from calling him an idiot. I tell her my truth but I always end with, this is the USA. I don’t hide a whole lot from her.”

Rosewood airs on FOX on Friday nights Click the link below to hear the entire interview.


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