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NeNe Leakes literally laughed off the notion of her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars complaining about, and plotting against, her possible return.

TMZ swarmed the reality star at Catch Monday night in West Hollywood and asked about some of the cast members meeting in secret to protest Bravo’s rumored decision to bring her back along with fellow former co-star Kim Zolciak.

In her response, she reminds folks about her OG status on the long-running program.

“I started the show and they will be off the show before I will,” she said. And she was just beginning.

TMZ noted that “RHOA” co-star Cynthia Bailey was partying with NeNe, “and all seemed A-OK … but unclear how they feel about Kim Zolciak.”


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(Photo Source: TMZ screenshot)

20 thoughts on “Nene Leakes Laughs Off ‘RHOA’ Castmates Complaints About Her Return

  1. Everyone is talking about nene being messy I guess Kenya,and kandi messy asses just falls through the loop and everyone over looks them,Kenya is a shit starter and plays the victim, as for miss kandi she likes to play this though chick and she’s a bitch ass punk let someone step up to her and you’ll see her punk ass step back…..I love mine she’s real, and everyone is trying to be her namely miss Kenya…..when the fuck is she going to give h up saying am miss USA! Gurl go away no one cares about your messy,lying ,ugly,ugly,bumoy face,porsha Hating ass….she is so jealous of porsha thank god porsha is on the show so she can actually have a story line….I am tired of seeing Kenya and Kandy can we replace them please please please bravo

  2. angietangie on said:

    I hope NeNe and Kim do come back! they made the show fun and intense. Kandi and her family need to go somewhere and take her mama with her.They are so boring. Cynthia and her daughter is boring as well, they need to go.krazy Kenya is a fuckin abused nut. sheree is the shit starter and Pheadra is not stupid!! she is the smartest one out the bunch. she got all those bitches thinking she is stupid. Poor Porsha. I love you girl. hang in there! Nene come back you can blame it on me.. haha

  3. Please take that off the air it’s thee worst show on.Find some sistas with husbands and know how to act. I hate each and everyone of them especially Candi

  4. redbone1954 on said:

    why would she come back? I thought she was rich. Does she need a paycheck? Kim’s husband is not working? Is he no longer a Atlanta Falcon? Are she and her 6 children broke? All burning questions huh? As fro NeNe girl bye. I don’t want to see her come back.

  5. I can see myself no longer watching RHOA if Nene returns.
    She is worse than that damn Kenya!!!!!!!!!!

    It would be nice to see a so called “REALITY” show where at least some of the sistah’s got along!!!!!!!

  6. They brought Sheree’s messy, bone bringing butt back, why not. I much prefer Nene than Sheree, there is something about mess starter that just doesn’t sit well with me. Sheree hated her husband and now she is considering taking him back. She has no story. Cynthia divorce really came out of no where so I think she did that to have a story as well. At least Nene is a character.

    • Irene Simpson on said:

      I agree with you Angela!!! Sheree stirs the pot an sets back and watches them squirm.And she loves to go back and forth between everyone .Girl,you are the first person I’ve read that has noticed how she works

  7. Cynthia on said:

    I would say “bring her and Kim back” It is boring… without them. Cynthia and Kenya don’t have a good storyline and Kandi is boring…Sheree is only entertaining her ex so she will have one. It is a VERY boring show!

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