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About Russ Parr

A true Renaissance man…

Russ Parr’s career has evolved from a stand-up comedian to recording artist to a top-rated, nationally-syndicated radio host, heard weekdays by 3.2 million listeners in 25 cities across America and now….to independent filmmaker.

He’s opened for the legendary comedienne Joan Rivers and avoided bombing on stage, thanks to the laugher of friends and family. Russ credits his work as a comedian for developing his comedic timing as well as the many character voices – such as Magic Man, Burner, Mickey Mouse, Ali, and Bobby Jimmy — that have led to his success in radio.

Russ landed his own morning show on 1580 KDAY, the first 24-hour, all hip hop station in the country. He used his platform on the airwaves to address gang violence and used the station studios and airwaves to provide gang intervention.  He realized that urban radio not only needed to be funny and uplifting, but it also had a responsibility to the black community to be informative.

While at KDAY, Russ launched his own independent record label, Rapsur Records, Russ Parr spelled backwards.  He recorded a parody song, called “We Like Ugly Women,” as one of his popular characters, Bobby Jimmy. The record was a hit.

Other hit parodies followed and he later signed with rapper Eazy-E’s label, Ruthless Records.  He recorded several EPs produced by Dr. Dre and DJ Pooh.  Russ recorded the hit singles “Big Butt,” “Roaches” and “Hair or Weave.”  He performed his hit parodies in live shows alongside his label-mates Ice Cube, DJ Yella, MC Ren, World Class Wreckin’ Cru, Michel’le and Yo-Yo.

Eventually, Russ left Los Angeles for Dallas – taking over the morning show slot on 100.3 Jamz/ KJMZ-FM. While in Dallas, Russ created, wrote, and produced FLAVA TV, and starred in the show alongside his morning show sidekick, Afredas. He later sold the show FLAVA TV, which still airs and is hosted by Skip Cheatum.  Other forays into television include commercials for major clients like McDonald’s, where he was the original „Big Mac Man“ and later, the dating/game show “Get The Hook Up,”  which aired on TV One.

Russ was later offered the position as morning show host at 93.9 WKYS in Washington, DC, two years later, the nationally-syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show was born and has been syndicated for over 14 years.

With Uptoparr Productions, Inc. in conjunction with Swirl Films, Parr has written, produced and directed four other films including: The Last Stand (2006; Something Like a Business (2010)Love For Sale (2008) and 35 and Ticking (2011)currently airing on BET, TV One and Showtime and available on DVD.

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8 thoughts on “Russ Parr Bio

  1. “Learning Disabilities are usually Lazy Disabilities in disguise, if the parent is just as lazy as the child then special education will be the result. Children often parrot the academic motivation and interest of their parents,apples don’t fall far from the trees that bore them””I plan to host an international traveling speaking conference tour with various speakers in the conscious community, we’re going to travel through 6 continents + Caribbean, so I’m paying attention to these fools who keep making videos about me, they’re only hurting themselves”Dr. Umar Johnson

    23m23 minutes ago

  2. Jazzii45 on said:

    I have posted several times on websites but no one seems to care about this issue or maybe it just me they don’t care about or that they think I am a welfare client just complaining. I will let you know now that I am not a welfare client which is why I am being discriminated against by Guilford County CSS/commissioners. My rights to access to support services through CSS are being violated and they are committing fraud based on this violation and the Title IV-D guidelines. I filed a civil action to ask the court to rule on whether or not they CSS and county commissioners have a duty to enforce the Title IV-D guidelines and NC support statutes in my case and why don’t my case meet the guidelines. Attorney Mark Payne has repeatly threaten me to drop this action to include now asking for sanctions because he has not been successful in making me drop this case. According to Title IV-D and NC statutes any one that applies for and request support services are by law entitled to receive those services using all available resources of CSS, State, courts and DHHS. Mark Payne stated in court on August 2, 2016 that it is their (commissioners/his office) discretion as to whether services and/or assistance is granted to anyone. This is totally incorrect and I have taken every support statute and copies of the CSS guidelines that say they are required to do so in order to be in compliance with federal IV-D funding guidelines. So, to do so constitutes fraud and promotes discrimination against non-IV-D applicants. So, I am asking you to please publish this story as I am not the only one in Guilford County or North Carolina that has been mistreated and abused in this manner by CSS. If you live in NC or have family there willing to join my fight by lending their voting power, reply.

  3. Russ,

    I was listening to your discussion on Thursday morning, Jan 30th, about taking Algebra. It’s funny this came up because I had this discussion with my daughter recently. After many years now and experience in the computer programming field for about 18 years now, I finally graduated college with a BS in Computer Science with Suma Cum Laude honors. In my algebra class there were 3 students (adults) who were having major trouble in understanding and asked that very question,,,why do we need algebra. This particular professor gave one of the greatest answers to this question and I’ve never forgotten it and passed it onto my daughter.

    Imagine you are one of the auto assembly line workers at Ford and all you’ve done your entire adult life is that ONE function on that assembly line. Now that job goes away,,,,now what. The reason you take algebra is to help you think outside of your comfortable element. Outside your comfort zone,,,outside of the box. It teaches a thought process to a solution. In this case, it’s a mathematical solution. In yours and Alfredas’ case, if all you know is radio and you use your voice,,,then God forbid, something happens to your voice and you can only speak in a whisper,,,now what?? Thinking outside your box helps to expand your mind,,,teaches you to expand your mind,,,to get outside your box. I had to take a humanities course and took religions. Why,,,not that I’ll be a man of the cloth, but to learn things outside of my common knowledge.

    I could go on and on, but I think you get my meaning.

    One Love brother.

  4. Jo-Ann Berry on said:

    Dear Russ Parr,

    I watched both of your movies, Under Shephard and A Christmas Blessing, I must tell you both movies are excellent movies, with meaning. I have been telling all my friends to watch both of them. God has truly given you the gift of writing, please continue to use that gift., I’m so looking forward to your next movie. God Bless you and keep up the good work.

  5. Patrice M. on said:

    I just watched A Christmas Blessing, great job very well written and directed I am proud of you!! keep up the good work hope to see something else from you.

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