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03/18/2016 - Chrisette Michele - "It's A Starry Night" Premiere at Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on March 18, 2016 - The Orpheum Theatre, 842 S Broadway - Los Angeles, CA, USA - Keywords: Vertical, People, Person, Portrait, Photography, Film Industry, Red Carpet Event, Arrival, Arts Culture and Entertainment, Attending, Celebrities, Celebrity, Topix, Bestof, California Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: Guillermo Proano / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1

Early Thursday morning, Chrisette Michele took to social media to respond to the backlash of her performing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration.


R&B songstress Chrisette Michele has reportedly signed on to perform at president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday.

According to The New York Daily News, event organizers reached out to Michele’s camp a week ago, but planned to keep it “a big secret” following scrutiny artists like Jennifer Holliday faced.

Organizers allegedly approached Michele to perform the gospel song ‘Intentional’ with her ‘Celebration Of Gospel’ trio Travis Greene, Jonathan McReynolds, and Tye Tribbett.  McReynolds and Tribbet refused to participate, but Greene will perform. It’s said that Michele asked to perform an R&B set instead and inauguration organizers granted her wishes.

We find it odd the Rich Hipster would alienate her fan base by agreeing to take the stage in honor of one of the most divisive and bigoted president-elects in history.

Essence.com says that Michele’s representatives confirmed that she is performing at the inaguruation, despite saying she was “traumatized” by election results.

Predictably, social media wasn’t happy about Michele’s decision.





But others supported her:


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Chrisette Michele Responds To Inauguration Backlash was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

60 thoughts on “Chrisette Michele Responds To Inauguration Backlash

  1. FallMornings on said:

    I seems many on this thread like to call names if a posted does not agree with their way of thinking. Sad. No all blacks think alike and until we as a people can accept varying opinions without name calling, then we have a long way to go.

  2. Chrisette Michele can do what she choose to do; however, people can also choose to like her or not for doing this. I still her but I am disappointed

  3. Christopher Thomas on said:

    I think it’was fine what she did. Performing or not performing don’t make a difference? If she and others were there for a bigger cause and not about the political situation. Then that’s their choice. If we only show up when something goes wrong than it’s no need going. People when the enemy of righteousness is around they go to every thing we do. We need to open our eyes to everything around us and be watchful to what people do and say with everybody. The point is we need to be present for everything that go on in this world. One its ours and we don’t need to be continued deny everything.. Know what people are doing.

  4. Great to see black-on-black hate speech is thriving in the good ole USA. It could soon rival black-on-white hate speech and white-on-black hate speech. Way to go, Black America.

  5. You speak on being silent…well you should have continued for yourself….stop trying to paint a picture of hope for our community…and standing to be heard..you do not represent us as Black Women….you sold out so please don’t even attemp the religious card…I guess for you its okay to be a sold slave….I hope your actions was worth it.Disgusted

  6. have a good performance Chrisette at least 64 million people will be watching you, the same people predicting your down fall are the same dipshits that said Trump would never win

    • I seriously doubt if 64 million people will watch the orange billionaire bully be sworn into a presidency he’s not even qualified to be in. But, we all know that it will only be a matter of time before trump does something even more vile and scandalous than stealing the election. He is a narcissistic, self-absorbed maniac. Chrisette should have stayed on reality tv. But, she left the show because she was concerned about her image. Now, here she is making the dumbest choice ever. And that choice gives credence to an administration that is not for the poor and voiceless that she referenced on IG. MLK would be appalled at her decision. MLK stood for many things, but he fought (non-violently) and was jailed, arrested and harassed in an effort to gain civil rights for black america!!! Remember that it was the Black Church that organized efforts that would bring attention to the plight of the black struggle. So, if she wanted to really give voice to the voiceless she should have chosen a better platform. Because she is only going to sing not protest or have an agenda that addresses anything closely related to the poor or voiceless. Her agenda is self. Money is the root of all evil. So let her go and shuck and jive for 750K, She will see just how much those folks will support her going forward. Sometimes we can be our own worse enemies. We are so concerned about getting money for self so we miss the bigger picture. That picture is more about the collective elevation, dignity, and improvement of our communities.

      • Stella on said:

        if in fact you’re correct she is concerned about her IMAGE…then is the last place she should be?

  7. Banshee on said:

    Do your thing Chrisette, no need to explain to the very people who did not bother to vote, resulting in his election. I’ll be at your next show, where no lip-synching is allowed. I’m so very glad that you are able to articulate your position, unlike some others.

    • Stella on said:

      I was thinking the same thing, about the people who didn’t bother to vote; however, they CHEATED so it really would not have mattered if a ton of people voted. I do know one thing and that is, if Hillary had won and it came out that the election was hacked…Donnie would be having a complete melt down and and bitching about having a new election.

  8. James Brown supported Nixon in ’72 (I don’t know if he performed in the ’73 Inauguration but given the political demographics I’m sure he was invited).It didn’t seem to have done irreparable damage to his career,although he nearly did that to himself.We sort of forgot that inconvenient truth when we mourned his passing. Of course by 21c. GOP standards Tricky Dick was nearly
    progressive (creating the EPA which Trump wants to destroy by appointing an Oklahoman who sued it many times on behalf of his petroleum lords).Chrisette however doesn’t have nearly the fan base that the late Godfather of Soul carried to his grave and it’s doubtful she’ll build it up with those Trumpanzees.

  9. Don’t go & keep your fan base. Trump is not wort your career, homegirl. Don’t let them consider u a B List entertainer; they could’nt get any Black/White A List entertainers 2 perform, stick with the A Listers & don’t sell yourself short in the long run . RECONSIDER…

    • Jo troupe on said:

      This is not about Democrats nor Republicans for me! Because in my opinion their all the same* It’s about this vile and decisive
      and man* I understand she’s taking advantage of the fact that he hasn’t really gotten anyone to perform that most Black People aren’t interested in seeing! As well as the money…. But as much as I love Chrissette* I had decided not to whatch the inauguration even before she sign on to do it……I could never support this man!!!!!!

    • Oh shut up with that nonsense Chris., Republicans are worst. Seem to me you want blacks to follow you. IN this race, it is not about Dems or Republican, it is about a NASTY ATTITUDE TRUMP. nd I you want blacks to follow that fool, it wont happen; and if there are a few blacks who want to follow Trump, so be it but blacks DO NOT have to support those blacks just like they do not have to listen.

  10. ANNIE B on said:

    I think she is selling her soul to the devil. They all forget how this man incite racism. There is a lot of healing needs to be done before one should go and give this man a platform, but unfortunately he is now the President of the USA . She must be so hungry for money. The Bible can never lie! 1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” And she definitely go over to a Evil Man who discredited our first Black President!! WOW! She must have not been getting any job offer lately!! I will never support her again, because she is supporting a man who…again incite racism and bring people from all out of the woodwork. I can see there is a lot of internal racism here in America. I am pretty sure the whole world is laughing at us. He like to tweet a lot, but yet still he did not tweet to tell the racist American people to stop incite racism.

      • ANNIE B on said:

        No he didn’t incite the riot in Ferguson and all those places you mention, but if Blacks wasn’t going against each others then Donald Trump wouldn’t treating us like a second class citizen. Remember what he said during the election “Black vote for me because what do you have to lose.” And from what I am seeing, it seems like a lot of black people losing their self respect!!! Do you see the type of person Donald is putting in the white house? All are Millionaire and Billionaire….do you think they are going to care much about blacks, but better think again! I have family that are super rich and guess what? Majority of them all like Donald Trump, because what they care about is getting a tax break. They want to make sure they hold on to their money. That is the reason why the Bible said the rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer! If you think for one moment that Donald Trump care about blacks…think again! Only the ones that have money!

      • No the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson were prompted by the killings of Mike Brown and Freddie Gray!!! People saw the injustice and brutality in both incidents and responded to voice their discontent, frustration, and anger over more black lives lost with no due process!!! Guilt or innocence is never decided by the Police. That’s why people are arrested, charged, and have their cases heard in a court of law!!! Because of the 2 killings in both places INSTEAD of what legally should have happened, people PROTESTED!!!!!!

      • Crime of some kind is incited by people in all groups and backgrounds in EVERY STATE. So what is your point Chris?

  11. Kay, Kay on said:

    All Money ain’t Good Money! Hope you save the reported $750,000 you are to make for the concert because you will need it to survive on. You are a C-lister soon to be a D. Who are you? I got you mixed up with K-Michelle. Now, if I’m Black and don’t know who you are; Do you think these White Affluent people will come to your concert or club date after the Inauguration? If you do, you are in for a rude awakening. I know I will see you on Unsung sooner than later.

  12. Fred Hatcher on said:

    I will never intentionally listen to a Chrisette Michele song, attend her concerts, If she’s on a bill of multiple acts when she takes the stage I will walk out and wait until she’s done. #she’s done

  13. Leodis Adams on said:

    I found your music late in my life.I love you but I got to put you down. This is bigger than your career.. You’ll still perform but without me.

  14. I’m not trying to be funny…..but is Chrissette an A-Lister?? I love several of her songs….but generally I couldn’t care less if she performs, or not. Why the media tries to imply that celebs have REAL influence over what people think, and how they vote is utterly RIDICULOUS!!

  15. peaches on said:

    I guess she forgot that we black people live in the inner city, afraid to go outside for fear of being shot, and are kids attend poor schools. And what lesson is she trying to teach. To lower your self-worth for want money and to be a cross over artist. For whatever reason she may have just hope she proud of herself

  16. I am not here to attack or judge Chrissette Michele, but only to give a view point. What decisions she makes in life are hers, and she has to live with those decisions. Ms. Michele, you are a talented woman and take you are in the music industry, because you enjoy your gift and want to share it with others, and that it also affords you a means to live a lifestyle, that you want to live. In
    order to sustain yourself in this business, you have to have a fan base. Some times when opportunities are presented in life, you have to weigh the pros and cons, and ask yourself, is this opportunity worth my brand. I doubt very seriously, that President elect Trump is one of your fan bases, or the people he chose to be in his cabinet, and after the inauguration, it is highly unlikely, that they will become a part of your fan base, which helps to sustain your career. I’m not sure how singing at the inauguration is going to bridge the gap. I don’t profess to know everything, maybe you can enlighten me, maybe not. Again, the choices you make in life are yours, and the choice of your fan base, to decide not to help you build your brand, for whatever their reason, is there’s.

    • If they were fans before her decision, but stop being fans afterwards, they weren’t true fans to begin with. If I enjoy listening to an artist, it’s because of the talent, not because of their political views. There are some instances where I would not support an artist, for example, a rapist, child molester, drug dealer, or murderer. To say I will no longer buy your music because you chose to perform for someone I dislike just sounds childish and silly. Kind of like Trump.

      • I agree I would NOT support a artist who is PROVEN in a court of law and with facts to be a rapist, child molester, murderer ( drug dealer, well that has been the life with many rappers and others) and it is childish but Trump has made this climate this way.

  17. I really get sick and tired of these toms trying to act as if they are performing some kind of public service by taking a paycheck from a racist line trump. No more crissertte Michelle cd purchases by me.

    • Ritchie on said:

      Exactly! In my Tamar voice, “Lies!” She claims she’s being a bridge and a voice for the voiceless. How the hell how? She’s going there to do sing; lend this administration her talents in celebration of this president. She is NOT going (nor was asked) to have a dialogue about change and moving forward. Now, if you can’t turn down the reported $750,000 performance fee – say that. It’s perhaps more than she can make at a concert. But to twist this “job” as some form altruism for African Americans is insulting. For every choice, there are consequences. The ultimate cost perhaps will be greater than the risk. And let me add, I’m AM NOT advocating hate for this incoming president; however, you can accept outcomes (i.e., the president is named) without embracing the individual. Look at the 8 years of resistance our outgoing president withstood all while being accepted as the sitting president.

  18. raleigh delesbore on said:

    Well I was not a fan before this, and after this revelation I will never be a fan. trump is not good for this country, only himself. you will see.

    • carla jones on said:

      Are’nt ya’ll tired of the government pitting races against each other while they leave us poor, jobless, homeless ? We backed obama and look at the damage !Muslims prospered, not blacks or whites who paid his salary.Back Trump and give him the same chance, what have you got to loose?

      • Jo troupe on said:

        We have a hell of lot to loose! Obama came in to office w/ and abundance of problems in this country* What he done was more than any of the last 2 Presidents Who held office!The media would have you to believe there was no progress during his administration.But it’s so for from the truth! Research for yourselves how much better the country was after he took office, it’s documented….. He was a President for all people, not black or white all*The Lies will not Prevail for this child like selfish fool who has sold the country and his soul for this seat in the oval office!!!!!!!!?

      • Carla, we cannot support Trump because he has shown us already before he became president what he thinks about blacks and other persons of color. LOOK at his CABINET choices. All white males that have questionable backgrounds as it relates to civil rights and equality. I AM SORRY, WE WILL NOT GO BACK TO THE GOOD OLE DAYS. YOU KNOW WHERE BLACKS WERE PICKING COTTON AND BEING HANGED AND LYNCHED. AND WERE BEING PREVENTED FROM VOTING, READING, AND HAD NO LEGAL RECOURSE TO BE ACTUAL CITIZENS LIKE OTHERS. THANKS BUT NO THANKS. WE CAN’T GO BACK. WE HAVE COME TOO FAR. SO ENOUGH OF THE IDEALISM AND SLOGANS AND RHETORIC.

      • Queenie on said:

        Carla Jones, if you want to give the village idiot a chance, do so, no one is stopping you. When you and the other “let’s” give the village idiot a chance feel the need to do so, please identify yourself as “I”. I am not poor, homeless, or broke and I am capable of speaking for myself. If the village idiot was interested in helping “you people”, he would have included you in his town hall meetings. He would not have gone to all white rallies and called you out asking “what the hell you have to lose”. Nor would he referred to you people as “MY AFRICAN AMERICAN”, President Obama was respectful, caring and had compassion for all people. Where were you when Mitch McConnell and the rest of the red necks on capital hill said they were going to make sure he would be a one term president, and that they would block everything he bought before them? The difference between President Obama and the village idiot is, the village idiot has already told you he’s going to take away everything you have and make sure you won’t have anything. The next time you decide you want to give advice, do some research and read! When you have time, google Willie Lynch’s letter of 1712. You will see that you are one of the people he knew would follow his instructions!!!!

  19. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    Chrisette Michelle you are a grade B artist with an inflated opinion of your looks (which are manufactured), talent (which is marginal) and popularity (again, marginal at best). The trumpites will be calling you the N-word behind your back and probably to your face. They DON’T want you there. Its a white racist party you fool. Trump may even want to grab your pu- – y after he sees you perform. You are sooo stupid to trash the little bit of fame that you have for this racist fascist treasonist Russian agent, who has usurped a position (president-SELECT) that he did not win. You are a self hating traitor to our race just like trump and his cabal are traitors to America

  20. Good for you Girl, not every AA bows down to the instruction of the black
    Democratic race baiters, and celebrity hacks who seem to think we should all follow their commands without question or individual though

    • ANNIE B on said:

      Beverly Brown, you are so right! In the words of Marcus Garvey “A nation without knowledge is like a tree without roots.”

  21. americanize on said:

    White folks know if they want to get black folks to do anything,even if it means turning against ur race all they have to do is dangle some money in ur face.We are the only race they do that to.SMH.

  22. Me I don’t care who perform but why keep it a secret she and Mr Greene are going to lose alot of fan base so remember this all money is not good money. Black people need to to stop selling their souls to the devil.

    • Chrisette Michele is an American R&B singer whose songs include “a couple of forevers” and “blame it on me”, you may not have heard them before, but they are played on R&B stations nationwide. She was also on a reality show along with Leela James and I want to say Shante’ Moore called R&B Divas. When I see photos of her, I never immediately knows who she is as she changes her hairstyles like people change clothes, but she is has a nice singing voice. Did that help?

      • Ritchie, MacBen and I go way back like Cadillac (at least 2 1/2 years lol). I’m aware his question was rhetorical, it was kind of meant to be funny. So really, your comment wasn’t necessary.

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