Women Scammed By Men – Whose Fault Is It?




1/12/17- Fresh off the heels of actress Jenifer Lewis’ admission that she was scammed by her ex, Sherri and Kym Whitley weigh in on women being taken advantage of by men. Whose fault is it? Listen below.


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6 thoughts on “Women Scammed By Men – Whose Fault Is It?

  1. Women should be able to smell a rat a mile away. Some….not all women are so naïve because they are desperate for attention. Again….not all women but some. I’m a pretty good judge of character……so it would be hard for someone to get over on me. The only man I would EVER give some money to would be (my husband, and then we would have to be married for years, and you’ve proved to me your trustworthiness). Actually when I was married my husband took care of me financially.

    • robert jones on said:

      Far more men are scammed by women than the reverse. Ask the fat, ugly, insecure men. The big difference is one is viewed as ok and one is not.

      • Timekeeper on said:

        You’ve got a pint there Robert. When a man gets scammed everybody laughs at him, or says he shoud have known better.

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