Why Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Surprised At The Russians


Roland Martin High Res

1/11/17- Roland Martin talks to Author Malcom Nance about the dossier that the Russians say involve inappropriate behavior by President-elect Donald Trump.

“There are two documents we’re talking about, not one. We don’t go out and present unsubstantiated evidence. When Donald Trump was in the Miss Universe pageant in 2013…anything that he would’ve done that was slightly illegal would give them intense amount of leverage,” Nance said.

Listen below.


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5 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Surprised At The Russians

  1. FallMornings on said:

    First Angela, this is a blog and every and anyone has the right to be here. If you don’t agree with what I say, at least be respectful enouth to agree to disagree. You don’t know me enough to make any assumptions as to who I am. So, you STHU!!!

  2. FallMornings on said:

    He won, get over it and move on the higher heights. If he is not your President then if he does something that you could benefit from, don’t accept it. I truly believe blacks talk all that trash but will be in line begging for something and complaining that he didn’t deliver. Why didn’t Blacks complain and beg Obama for financial equality, jobs, etc?

    • First of all – STHU!! Second, DT will NEVER do anything to benefit African Americans! How many people did you tell to “get over it” when President Obama won the election?? None? I thought so! You are talking out the side of your face and saying nothing! President Obama worked for ALL THE PEOPLE, not just AAs! And for the record, me myself and I and other respectable AAs aren’t begging anyone for anything! FallMornings will soon be facing DarkNights as soon as Trump puts his REAL PLANS into action!

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