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12/14/2016 - Bobby Brown - Paley Center for Media Presents BET's "The New Edition Story" TV Series Premiere - Arrivals - The Paley Center for Media, 465 N Beverly Drive - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - Keywords: Vertical, Biography, 3 night miniseries, Black Entertainment Television, Jesse Collins Entertainment, Television Series, Television Show, Film Industry, Arts Culture and Entertainment, Celebrity, Celebrities, Person, People, Arrival, Attending, People, Person, Portrait, Photography, Red Carpet Event, Arrival, California Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: Guillermo Proano / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1

Bobby Brown’s intestines reportedly exploded — the result of decades of drug abuse and the stress of losing his daughter Bobbi Kristina, exclusively reports.

“It was terrifying, and rocked Bobby to the core,” a source told Radar. “It really looked like the end!”

47-year-old Brown was home alone when he collapsed on Dec. 19, and then drove himself to a medical center near his Tarzana, Calif., home.

“Bobby was minutes from death! Doctors said he had just over one liter of blood left in his system,” a family source blabbed to Radar.

Brown was given a blood transfusion, and spent two days in the hospital before being released.

“It’s a miracle Bobby didn’t die. He hasn’t come to terms with losing his baby girl, Bobbi, and we thought this could be the final straw!”

The former New Edition singer was a known boozer and heroin addict, and both his famous ex-wife Whitney Houston and their late daughter suffered through their own substance abuse issues.

“After everything Bobby’s gone through with Whitney [Houston] and Bobbi, he’s a nervous wreck,” said the source. “But it seemed his life was slowly getting back on track, and then he almost died. Everyone is distraught!”

In related news, during a recent preview and Q&A with his former bandmates, Brown was asked to comment on the forthcoming three-part miniseries “The New Edition Story.”

“I haven’t seen the whole film yet,” Brown said. “But from what I see, I’m amazed. These talented young guys did a great job at being us as young kids and then brought it all the way home. Chris [Robinson, the film’s director] brought everything out of all these actors to make it special. I was sitting in the chair over here and got a little crying on. Watching and being alive to be able to see what my life was and has become and where my life is going from this point on? It’s special, man. These kids put their hearts and souls into this, just like we put our hearts and souls into our lives.”

“The New Edition Story” will premiere as a three-night event on Jan. 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The day before, the group will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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18 thoughts on “Bobby Brown Reportedly Loses 80% Of Blood After Intestines Explode

  1. Columbo Yo on said:

    This is space alien stuff. Hard to believe 80% blood loss and exploded intestines yet mobile and coherent enough to drive oneself to the hospital is true.

    • beantown on said:

      Hey you dont have a life.
      Hey you dont have a future.
      Hey you dont have a car.
      Hey you dont have a home.
      Hey you dont have a tooth brush.
      Hey you dont have a bathroom.
      Hey you dont have a bed.
      Hey you dont have clothes.

  2. Sounds like he had a bleeding ulcer with major blood loss and was able to muster the strength to drive himself to the hospital through God’s mercy and grace. I get that. But the way this story is told in this article sounds like they wrote it after it had been through the grapevine several times and was embellished each time. Lol

  3. 1st. Of all who wrote this for some attention?I just listy husband on sept.12th. 2016 from this so called thing that thus journalist claims Bobby had. I dont find this amusing,nir entertaining. My husband died. From exsplosion of the entestines,&servere blood loss. Hemirrage to death.People needs to becareful what they print.

  4. When a person loses over 40 percent of their blood volume it causes hemorrhage so severe requiring immediate and major resuscitative help, or else the strain on the body’s circulatory system will be too great to survive. The heart will no longer be able to maintain blood pressure and circulation, so organs will fail and the patient will slip into a comatose state preceding death.
    Sooo – how did this once drug addicted man survive with an 80% loss let alone the explosion of his intestines??? We are not fools!

  5. Wow, “…he collapsed on Dec. 19, and then drove himself to a medical center…” THAT’S AMAZING!

    Oops, I meant to write, “THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!”

    “Bobby was minutes from death! Doctors said he had just over one liter of blood left in his system,” and after a blood transfusion he only “spent two days in the hospital before being released.” That is also amazing! I wonder if he drove himself home also.

    I don’t think this “journalist” got all the facts exactly right; or at the least needs to rewrite this story to somewhat make sense, or, maybe, take a journalism course!

    Anyway, it seems Bobby Brown had some type of medical emergency so we wish him well!

  6. Alberta on said:

    Christ amazing Grace how sweet is the sound He saved a wretch like Bobby & me & all you who really believe in miracles! Bless you Bobby our Adonai speed to you!

  7. ButterPecan on said:

    Someone is over sensationalizing this story! Exploding intestines, 80% blood loss and he’s recovering and giving interviews! This sounds like some TMZ shish!

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