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06/09/2014 - Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan - "Think Like A Man Too" Hollywood Premiere - Arrivals - TCL Chinese Theater - Hollywood, CA, USA - Keywords:  Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: Koi Sojer / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1

Sorry Laura Govan, but the money you’ve been getting from Gilbert Arenas will be a lot less from now on. That’s because of a ruling the judge made in Arenas’ child support case.

Specifically, the former NBA athlete’s child support checks to Govan will now be less than $10,000 a month. Yes, that’s a BIG drop from around the $40,000 amount he claimed he was paying.

By the way, Arenas recently made news saying he’s not as rich as everyone thinks. Hmmm, apparently there’s some truth to that.

But Gilbert being Gilbert doesn’t deal in subtly or humility and took the opportunity to gloat about his big win in court and troll his “baby mama” at the same time.

Sources close to Govan tell TMZ she has no idea why Arenas continues to insult and torment her — since she’s not doing it to him — but all she wants now is for him to leave her alone.

Like we said Mr. Arenas doesn’t do humility, do good luck with that, Laura.

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12 thoughts on “Gilbert Arenas Taunts Ex After Winning Child Support Battle

  1. mommyof4 on said:

    Alot of mommies do it on much,much less than 10k and do it well. Yes, I’m aware that the children’s father was once a well-paid NBA star. But now his once lucrative job is not so lucrative anymore and everyone must acclimate to living within their current means.
    I hope the both of them stop quarreling, lying about who gave who a STD. I know it’s tough but you can be civil with an ex if you try. If he/she is simply bent on being bitter, angry, conniving, greedy or volatile then get a court order (no contact, stay 1000yrds away, etc). Her focus must be getting a job, healing from her tumultuous relationship and letting go. Just let go. He has a right to see his children no matter how much he’s paying in child support. Let go and exhale. She’s intelligent and can go out and get a decent job. Not many mothers have the ability to do that.

  2. Lynnetta Bolden on said:

    They both need to get a life and realize that it is not about either of them. The real focus should be the children only. It’s a shame how some of us BLACK FOLKS are blessed to have money and still can not find an once of HAPPINESS not now or never. Come and live as some of us TRUE BLACK FOLKS who really struggle everyday just to make ends meet and still try to give their children balance and happiness in life.

    Truly sad – they both need to grow the hell up!!!

    • RENO2AC on said:

      We’re all grown here. Not necessary to call names like a school-age child. This forum is for people to comment, whether or not they give a care about the people in the so called article. You made yourself look like an “idiot.”

  3. Wilson Harris on said:

    Why we as a people can’t respect each other & communicate? To allow someone in a court of law to determine who pays who,wake up black people!!!!

    • Joe Gonzales on said:

      Agree. We Black folks are becoming White Black Europeans , We forget that we are Africans . That is why we constantly get ourselves in trouble. We Black Folks need our own Court systems. We are differrent

  4. I’m going to need EURWeb to get better or more educated bloggers/journalist. This article is garbage, my take, it’s some darn millennial pretending to be intelligent, or maybe not but definitely mess as all get up. “…do good luck with that, Laura.”
    Who the hell even cares about these two clowns? Do better.

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