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Remember that West Virginia official who lost her job for posting on social media that First Lady Michelle Obama was an ‘ape in heels?’ Well apparently, she’s getting her job back.

According to The Hill, on Saturday it was announced that Pamela Taylor, the director of the Clay County Development Corporation, will be reinstated on December 23. Taylor was given her pink slip last month when she wrote on Facebook: It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.

Taylor’s racist post also cost the local mayor her job: Former Clay Mayor Beverly Whaling resigned after commenting that Taylor’s post “just made my day,” The Hill noted. Taylor’s post sparked public outrage and online petitions forcing the women—who are both white—to publicly apologize.

My comment was not intended to be racist at all,” Whaling said in November via a statement. “I was referring to my day being made for change in the White House! I am truly sorry for any hard feeling this may have caused! Those who know me know that I’m not of any way racist!

Prior to Taylor’s apology, she claimed that the backlash against her as a “hate crime against me.”

This isn’t the first time Taylor has been under fire. According to The Charleston Gazette-Mail, since heading the non-profit agency, she has been sued twice by employees for wrongful termination.

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32 thoughts on “W. Va Official Fired For Calling Michelle Obama An ‘Ape in Heels’ Quietly Reinstated

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    Mrs. Michelle Obama is in a class of her own and them ugly dumb clown face bitches are jealous. The punk ass will never giving a brown skin a compliment out of respect or kindness because they don’t know how or want to. Peckerwoods make everything so dam difficult then it has to be. I want true brown skins to be strong because peckerwoods are scared of everything when it comes to us and that’s why they need guns. The gun laws are for all Americans even brown skins (NOT MEXICANS) we need to protect ourselves. Burn below hell DILLION ROOF you punk peckerwood.

  2. SheCat54 on said:

    This is to peter, peckerwood take your punk ass to Africa that’s where your funky ass people went over there and forced Africans into slavery. I personally HATE your monster ape ass punks. Even them ugly evil off spring you produce. You all dumb fuck ups and the world is in bad way because of all of you!!!!!

  3. If we have issue with it then why don’t we make some calls and send emails to the company. They tried to keep it quiet for a reason. Instead of complaining why not bug them.

  4. I’m so tried of the disrespect for brown Americans. When did it become okay to use such horrible and hurtful language? People are in for a rude awakening. Keep poking the bear.

    • It didn’t just start with this FLOTUS. Barbara Bush was roasted to ashes regarding her appearance. Chelsea Clinton was dogged mercilessly about looks. Mrs. Trump has been called some of the most nasty, vile names I’ve ever heard. So, as far as poking the bear, it didn’t start with Mrs. Obama and it won’t end with her. The other ladies that suffered the abuse didn’t wither and die and neither will Mrs. Obama. First Ladies have withstood negativity from the public since the days of Mamie Eisenhower. Why should Mrs. Obama be any different? The answer is she’s not. I have a feeling she’ll be just fine.

      • that’s not the issue – the issue is that this racist cow has gotten away with this kind of ish and got her job back, no backlash there. Yeah, keep poking the bear and it will turn and tear your ass apart.

      • That is exactly the issue. No one has ever gotten any backlash and the administrators of this business explained why. Unless it’s of a criminal nature, you’re not obligated to dictate what people say or do in their private lives. Obviously, they don’t think her behavior will have a negative effect on the business, therefore, they elect to keep her on staff. As I said the same thing has been happening for years and as you yourself said, no one has ever been gotten backlash. And they never will. Can’t regulate hate.

      • Nobody cares what you think!!! The difference is Mrs. Obama is being compared to an APE! – NOT HUMAN! None of those other first ladies where compared to an ANIMAL! Yes Mrs. Obama will be just fine cause her Mama raised her that way!! But obvious, the name callers are IPOS!!!

      • If you didn’t care what I thought, you wouldn’t be hoopin’ and hollerin’ about the who’s get called the worse names. Btw, Barbara Bush was once compared to a bulldog. As I said. It’s what people do. It doesn’t matter what the race. All the foaming at the mouth and 360 degree head turning is not going to change that.

      • Ms.Kates you musy be white. First and foremost of all President Obama and Firts Lady has showrd nothing but class and self control these past eight years. While they have constantly been shown nothing but disrespect.They have been treated lee then human. Even if a petson don’t like their politics you should at least respect them as a human being and respect the office that they ohold. Until you walk in a person shoes please don’t judge. Only God can do that.

      • I never once said anything negative about the way the President and First Lady have handles all the hate thrown their way, so I have no idea what you’re babbling on about.

  5. FallMornings on said:

    specialt757 and All. Just ignore him, he gets off on our responding to his usual rants. Save your comments for more intelligent respondents. .

  6. Oh shut up Peter. This woman must be a family member of yours because you always saying the same nonsense. Stop mixing apples with oranges. The people throwing rocks do NOT care about NO ONE and NOT apart of a movement just like you are clearly a bigot/racist who hide behind something else. That woman was wrong and you can tell her view was race based NOT personal based.

  7. Darn shame! Such dis-respect to our first lady. Some white folks believe they can do and say anything. Bad thing about it is they do and get away with, sickening.

  8. Hey people are becoming more accepting of the disrespect shown the incoming administration so if you laugh and chuckle at comments made about Trump and his family then don’t be mad

    • specialt757 on said:

      You speak as if the disrespect wasn’t ongoing during the entire Obama administration. You were ring leader. So yes, I’m pretty sure the “accepting” of disrespect for our country’s leader isn’t a new revelation especially to you. This incoming administration deserves no more respect than the country gave to President Obama and you can bet your sweet ass, I’m going to show zero ounce of respect to that orange clown, his family, or the devil’s emps he appoints or employs. Mis me wit it!

  9. That RACIST C U Next Tuesday should have been FIRED!!!!!!!!!

    I have never seen a POTUS and FLOTUS who have been dis-RESPECTED more than the Obama’s!!!!!!

    All the ugliness spewed at them really exposed the racial gap in this country and just goes to show that we are not yet a “Post Racial” society.

    There will always be HATE in Amerykah as long as you have IGNORANT WHITE FOLKS!!!!!

    No doubt this Taylor b–ch is a Chump supporter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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