Two West Virginia officials have come under fire for making racist remarks about First Lady Michelle Obama with one losing her job as a result, the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Pamela Taylor, the director at the non-profit Clay County Development Corporation in Clay, West Virginia, recently wrote on her Facebook page,It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House,” she said about Melania Trump.

‘I’m tired of seeing an ape in heels,” Taylor described the current Black First Lady.

Soon afterthe city’s mayor Beverly Whaling co-signed on the racist sentiments, saying that Taylor’s post “Just made my day.

Taylor has since deleted the post and apologized, but she and other county workers claim they have received death threats—threats haven’t been officially reported the local police department. Taylor has also argued that the incident had been turned into a “hate crime against” her.

Girl, please.

But don’t worry: An online petition signed by more than 9,000 people called for both Taylor and Whaling to be fired and on Monday, Taylor was eventually given a pink slip.

Joe Murphy, vice chairman of the Clay Democratic Executive Committee, said he was disappointed when he heard about the post and stressed that Mrs. Obama is one of the most graceful and articulate first ladies in American history, the Gazette-Mail noted. 

While we respect Ms. Taylor’s right to free speech, we strongly oppose any form of racism or hate speech,” Murphy said. “We fully support our president and the first lady.”

One of these days, folks are gonna learn that there are serious consequences for speaking sideways about FLOTUS.


One thought on “West Virginia Official Fired For Calling First Lady Michelle Obama ‘An Ape In Heels’

  1. Allen Murphy on said:

    Yea but didnt
    she get her job
    back months after
    some altercation,
    Or was that another
    Gov official.a teachers
    Assistant in north georgia
    Called her a monkey as well.
    She was fired immediately.

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