Arsenio Hall is hitting the stage at the Jacksonville Comedy Zone this weekend, but before the funny man takes the stage, he talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the aftermath of a Donald Trump election.

“He’s a genius and this is good for comedians.The one thing you know is that he doesn’t tell the truth often. Black stuff is going to start disappearing. You know he’s going to build a wall around February.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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39 thoughts on “Arsenio Hall Says Trump Will Build A Wall Around February

  1. Blacks in America have been deceived for the last 75 years. Their general thinking is that everybody White is against them. One thing for certain about the majority, they will never be happy until they quit lying to themselves. They love to be offended, so they create any false pretense to bring that offence to light. James and the “posse” thing, for instance. Such stupid crybabies make most Americans sick, especially the level-headed Africa Americans. They bring themselves down to such lows, recovery is impossible. It looks like there is little hope for the most of them, and they themselves are at fault.

    • My Opinion on said:

      It’s amazing how white people seem to think they can speak for black people. What have we been deceived about? the many innocent black men and women that have been gunned down by the very people that are suppose to protect and serve, the bigoted acts that we have to put up with on a daily basis and the list goes on and on, So again Kenny McCurtain what is it that you believe we have been deceived about since you seem to think you can speak for black people.

  2. john scales on said:

    Apartheid (South African English: /əˈpɑːrteɪd/; Afrikaans pronunciation: [ɐˈparthɛit]) was a system of institutionalised racial segregation and discrimination in South Africa between 1948 and 1991, when it was abolished.[1] The country’s first multiracial elections under a universal franchise were held three years later in 1994.[2] Broadly speaking, apartheid was delineated into petty apartheid, which entailed the segregation of public facilities and social events, and grand apartheid, which dictated housing and employment opportunities by race.[3] Prior to the 1940s, some vestiges of apartheid had already emerged in the form of minority rule by white South Africans and the socially enforced separation of black South Africans from other races, which later extended to pass laws and land apportionment.[4][5] Apartheid as a policy was embraced by the South African government shortly after the ascension of the National Party during the country’s 1948 general elections.[6] Apartheid was also enforced in South West Africa until it gained independence as Namibia in 1990.[7] By extension, the term is currently used for forms of systematic segregation established by the state authority in a country against the social and civil rights of a certain group of citizens due to ethnic prejudices.[8]

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    • MondayMorn: I can’t imagine anyone being mad because people are keeping their jobs. The issue is it’s Corporate Welfare; and tax payers will be stuck with the bill to the tune of reportedly 7 Million $. Plus overall it’s reported that Carrier has an ongoing contract with the government that now total 56 BILLION (so BIG business gets all the benefits). In short it’s GREED by the company, and stockholders because if Carrier was really concerned about people losing jobs they wouldn’t have been contemplating moving operations (or even part of operations) to Mexico to begin with. Greed, Greed, Greed. But yet it’s these same type of people that say ‘I love my country, and let’s make it great again’

  4. God said touch not my annotated. You wait and see what happenshe next when God shows up and shows out. God does not like ugly and very little pretty. Ask Trump does he know God.

    • TT: Apparently God knows Trump, since religious people say God knows all, and is all. I don’t know for sure but it doesn’t appear that Trump is that religious (and, if he’s not…..that’s his business…..but don’t parade around like you are religious). My question is why would god let a person like Trump (with all of his baggage) become President? Please don’t attempt to answer because (I’m playing devil’s advocate), and pretty much know, and have heard what the religious peoples’ response is.

  5. americanize on said:

    Black history month is a joke.Black history in America is slavery an civil rights,what ever that is.Teach ur children about our long an beautiful history from Africa the great civilizations long before the blue eyed devils came from the caves.Africans the original people of the planet.

  6. sheryce on said:

    I’m just curious as to why there are so many orange man trolls on black America web spouting nonsense to people who for the most part do not care about the orange p*ssy grabbing president elect? Are you here to convince us or yourself that you made a good decision when you voted this overgrown child into office?

    • sheryce: Did you know that some people are actually PAID to troll. That’s the crazy part….why would someone want to troll on BAW; because we don’t care what they have to say. That would be like me going on a white nationalist website to try and convince them to love Black people…..Duuuuuuuh….if the nationalist haven’t changed their hateful ways by’s not going to happen.

      • I like your analogy; White Sipremicist=BAW. You are so right. Close minded…blindly ignorant…easily exploited… The difference is that any such White group is nearly invisable, while BAW is mainstream.

    • sltdfw13 on said:

      “we’ made a choice that was better than the choice you didn’t make, which is to blindly vote for the Democrat every time. Blacks have lost ground w/ BHO in office, but still you support him/them.

  7. Donald Trump has promised to bring jobs back to America. He has also said he will help rebuild the inner cities and improve education particularly for disadvantaged blacks in the inner cities.
    What has the Democratic party done for black people in the last 50 years????NOTHING

    I’m going to give Trump a chance.

    • you are clueless he has already showed his racism and now you believe he is going to give us jobs, get you head out of clouds

    • Linda: I’m just asking… you don’t know any successful black people that aren’t, and haven’t been standing around for the last 50 years waiting on a Democratic, or Republican admin to take care of them? Not all Black people are jobless, homeless, uneducated, don’t own a home, etc. as Trump’s ignorant rhetoric has led uninformed, and unintelligent people to believe. Don’t know about you….but I know lots of successful Black people (some are super rich: I’m talking millionaires, and some are everyday middleclass Black people with great jobs.

    • he said that to get our vote and some idiots feel for it. Your local government controls the inner cities not the president. So he lied. You can give him a chance but if you are not rich you don’t stand a chance. The rich is about to get richer off the backs of the middle class. I hope you are rich

  8. He DID not save anyones job. Pence gave Carrier $700,000.00 of his states money to stay. Why do you think Pence has not resigned as governor, when their is someone ready to take his place. Pence is chairman of the committee that can shell out state funds without state oversight ( interference).

    • The Carrier ‘Golden Parachute’ will more than likely be paid for with our Tax $$$ Dollars. It’s my understanding that Carrier already has a 56 BILLION $$ ongoing contract with the government. So it sounds like to me that this corporation is going to continue to roll in the dough. I’m glad these 1,000 or so people will be able to hold on to their jobs…..but everything that glitters ain’t gold. Except of course the (gold) trim in Trump Towers that we’ve seen on the news. LOL

    • 7 million of the state’s (IN) money…NO idiot- Pence ave them tax breaks to stay. What is about people who think the money belongs to the Government(S)? Either they stay, and employ more than 1,000 people (taxpayers) or they leave and take the jobs with them…. They still pay taxes* and all those employees will pay taxes…have you ever worked, and seen a paycheck?
      *Corporate taxes in the USA are the highest in the WORLD. Indiana is presently killing Illinois (right next door, to the east) because Illinois – Democrat controlled until recently- has forced companies to leave.
      Try working – you will learn a lot!

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  9. “he’s a genius” um the black man employed by Carrier interviewed on the news this morning and will go to work this morning instead of joining Obama and Hilary’s foodstamp program thinks he’s a genius too

    • jhuff: So we can also agree that (millions of White people) that live in Kentucky, Tennesse, Mississippi, Ohio, etc. that have been unemployed for years, and on food stamps, and welfare because the coal mines, and factories closed also think Trump’s a genius? Agreed?

      • Obama through the EPA invoked regulations that killed the coal industry Hilary supported killing the coal industry as well, that is until she needed to go to those regions and campaign

    • There are more white people on public assistance than blacks. President Obama couldn’the fight those rich white Republicans by himself. They spent 12 years trying to disgrace him and look what they got Donald Trump.

      • first of all that old adage about the number of whites on WF is pointless because we are a smaller population BUT we are disproportionately larger number on government assistance 2nd he’s not FDR he only got 8 years 3rd are you saying only Republicans are rich? someone better tell Jay-Z and Beyonce’ as well as Tom Joyner

    • jhuff: I’m for a clean environment… no empathy comes from me regarding coal companies, etc. that put unsafe elements out in the atmosphere. It’s unfortunate if EPA Regulations take away jobs….but it is what it is. I’ve also inever understood why lots of people think it’s the US Fed government’s responsibility to make sure we all have a job. Why is it that most people don’t hold their local politicians/government to the say standard…bc local/state politicians are the ones more able to bring job industries to their state/city. It’s a talking point for people running for President (I’m going to create millions of jobs), and people eat that (mostly) false notion up

  10. Chump will totally abolish BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!!!!

    Him and his KLAN will say that a month honoring the history of African American’s is not NEEDED in Amerykah!!!!!!!

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