Say it isn’t so. Two of our favorite shows Queen Sugar and Insecure on HBO have now come to and end. That’s the bad news. The good news is that they are both coming back for second seasons and in the case of Queen Sugar, they are shooting three more episodes for Season 2.

And boy, will there be alot to resolve in the next season. We’re just getting to know the Bordelons and my goodness, they are dysfunctional, argumentative and messy. In other words, they’re exactly like our families! Except they’ve got 800 acres of prime farmland in Louisiana. But as we’ve found out, just because you own the land, that doesn’t mean you’ve got the money to plant and harvest a sugar crop.

We start off the last episode “Give Us This Day” with a looooovely shower scene between Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) and Darla, played, of course, by the amazingly age-defiant Bianca Lawson. Her stepsisters Beyoncè and Solange better get her anti-aging secrets, pronto. This woman is close to 40 years old and if you thought a shower scene where she has on very little makeup (or clothing) was going to show her age, hah! She looks younger. How, Sway??

And while this little love scene between these star-crossed lovers is nice to see, if you’re hoping for some glimpses of hot chocolate, well, we guess you’ll have to tune into Insecure for that as they showed much more of Issa Rae’s boyfriend, Lawrence (Jay Ellis) than they do of Ralph Angel. But I’m not mad – sometimes imagination is sexier than reality. Once out of the shower, there’s a nice little scene where Ralph looks in on his sleeping baby boy Blue (you know young parents got to get it in how they find it) and it seems like he’s happy that his family is finally set.

If only Micah (Nicholas Ashe) could feel the same way. While Charley’s scheme to get Davis (Timon Kyle Durrrett) down to Louisiana has worked, he doesn’t seem inclined to play for the New Orleans team. And Micah’s over him, as he explains at the family sit-down at the High Yella. Davis, with his selfish ass, seems more concerned about his fifth championship ring than his relationship with his son. SMH. But Boss Charley is determined to get the money she needs to open the mill, so she sets Davis up with her financier, Frank Rovner, (Anthony Marble) for the mill project who just happens to own the New Orleans team. Charley wants the mill, Rovner wants Davis along with his sidekick and assist leader, Felix and Davis wants a fifth championship. Does everyone get what they want? We’ll see.

Davis is willing to play down South but only if Charley says she’ll take him back. Cue Charley’s exit before she can finally get Remy (Dondre Whitfield) to come off some farmer lovin’ to go see what Davis wants. Well, what do you think he wants? Little does he know, Charley’s already talked to Felix’s wife, Lena (Khaneshia “KJ” Smith) who apparently doesn’t realize just how far Charley’s ruthlessness goes. She’ll find out.

Davis gets a lecture he wasn’t expecting. Charley makes him feel small, as she should. Despite his stature, he is small. Well, maybe playing for New Orleans will help him get humble because Charley, once again, the family’s true playmaker, has a move to make. She visits Felix at the strip club and reels off a couple of dancers he’s taken things a little too far with. Oh, word? Not only will he be playing in New Orleans, he’ll be paying Charley a fee to do so. Daaaaaaayuuuum. Oh, and Charley lets him know if he lets his sexual proclivities ever have free rein again, she’ll make sure his career is burned. Damn, Boss Charley is on a roll. We like it.


Ralph Angel doesn’t like that Charley’s already decided on buying the mill instead of trying his suggestion to use refrigerated trucks to get the sugar cane to a mill not owned by a Boudreaux. But she’s made up her mind. If she can get the farmers to agree, she wants to bring the mill to life.

Ralph Angel’s not feeling being excluded from the decision making, but of course, Nova, (Rutina Wesley) thinks it’s great. It’s gotta be hard to be the youngest with these two. Nova’s already feeling good about Too Sweet (Isaac White) heading off to community college and Calvin (Greg Vaughn) a.k.a. White Kang’s return. But why do we feel like that Too Sweet storyline wrapped up way too neatly?

Nova and Calvin are hanging out at a local dance hall (Louisiana seems to have more than its fair share of these – does anyone just go out to dinner?) because now that he’s left his wife, Calvin wants to do things right by Nova. Awww, that’s courtly of him. Unfortunately, this outing turns out to be a mistake. When a white cop colleague finds out that Nova is Calvin’s date, he remembers she’s also the one who exposed the police department.

When this fool tries to lay hands on her, he gets clocked by Calvin, as well he should. But before he’s taken out of the club/juke joint/dance hall, he manages to spit directly into Nova’s face. In the name of all Black womanhood, I have to say that the scene of Nova wiping her face as tears roll down it was kind of emotional. Imagine being spit on by some angry white man. Lawd have a mercy, I would have taken the jail time for whipping his ass, or trying to. We think this is going to create some problems for Nova and White Kang, although it wasn’t his fault at all.


On the troubled relationship front, Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) and Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) finally talked after Ralph Angel showed Vi the divorce papers that showed up at the house. Maybe if these two had talked beforehand, Hollywood wouldn’t have needed to go off on the oil rig for six months! Saaaay what?! I know people are #TeamHollywood but he really showed a lot of immaturity throughout this whole process. He basically walked out on both Ralph Angel and Aunt Vi and only because he didn’t have the courage to talk to his woman. Should Aunt Vi just have forgiven him for not telling her about a wife? Good man or not, he could have avoided this whole scenario.


But there’s one scenario nobody saw coming. When Darla, who’s apparently not going back to that trailer, pokes around looking for some more storage, she comes upon a box. Ralph Angel does what anyone would do when they find a mysterious locked box in their house – he breaks it open. And inside he finds a letter from his father giving him the farm. Just him. WHAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT?! And yup, Season 1 of Queen Sugar is a wrap.


We have so many questions.

Will Ralph Angel contest ownership of the farm when he know he needs Charley’s money to run it? Cause 800 acres or not, he ain’t getting no credit. But he’s so resentful of Charley that he’s likely to do it. But could his father’s affirmation be enough? Charley already has the cooperation of the farmers to grind at the mill she’s bringing back to life. Wouldn’t it be selfish for Ralph Angel to stop the progress of the entire community? But let’s be clear, Ralph Angel hasn’t made the most mature decisions so far, so a fight is likely.


What happens with him and Darla? Can she sustain sobriety? What about Hollywood and Aunt Vi? Will they pine for each other or will someone else step into the void? Will Remy and Charley EVER hook up? And what about Davis West? Looks like he’s still going to be around now that he’s playing in New Orleans.

And Nova and Calvin – is that just doomed? And will the change in showrunner and the extended season help or hurt the show? (Ava Duvernay will not be at the helm for Season 2, she will continue her movie directing career and be replaced by Monica Macer who previously worked on Nashville. )

So what did you think about the season and what do you look forward to for Season 2? 


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15 thoughts on “‘Queen Sugar’ Season Finale Recap: What Happens Next?

  1. NICOLE HYLTON on said:

    I really need some shoring up of Nova and Calvin. I think they deserve a chance and we need to see a love that fiercely defies the odds! I think they should fight for that shit…after all they walked through to be together, why give up? I hope the new show runner recognizing the power in this.

  2. Oh Lordy, this show kicks some ass and is taking names! I love the strength of Charley, the spiritual Nova, the wisdom of Aunt Vi, and Darla, well I wept when she spoke to Vi and Hollywood, and made her amends! I pray her character continues to grow in grace and strength! Davis what a wimp, I’d take the gentle and strong Remy over an arrogant and selfish player any day! Looking forward to Season 2!!

  3. Jay Cee on said:

    Great synopsis, Tonya. It covered everything and I enjoyed it immensely. Superb acting. Superb story line. Beautiful people. Ralph Angel is like warm Chocolate uummmmmm.

  4. Renita on said:

    One of my fav shows this year! I’ve watched every episode at least 2x and feel in love with Ralph Angel and Hollywood, lol! I used every emotion watching this show and could relate to the characters. I can’t wait for Season 2!

  5. clarajohnston on said:

    I get Paid over £80 per hour working from home with 2 kids at house. I Never thought I would be able to do it but my best friend earns over £9185 a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless.


  6. Tommie Watt on said:

    I love this show we need more TV shows like this it makes me sad this season is ending. All cast are really great love you all

  7. specialt757 on said:

    Yes the writers was great for Charley’s character…well all the writing was good but Charley’s was imo, exceptional. She is following in the “Olivia Pope” classification…powerful black woman on a TV series (now hopefully they don’t write her jumping in and out of bed with white men). Although it’s only the beginning, it’s a great start. New director for season 2, I hope she is as awesome as Duvernay and keeps up the excitement.

  8. Although it is technically Ralph Angel’s, I don’t think he would leave his sisters or his nephew out of a family business especially if they can make it better.

  9. Capricorn on said:

    I love this show and the characters and black people need to watch shows like this instead of the BS reality TV. These are real actors, writers and storylines and it is great and refreshing to watch.. I love Ralph Angel’s name!

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