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Gabrielle Union and Taraji P. Henson took to social media to respond to the viral video of a psychotic pro-Trump supporter going off on a Pennsylvania-bound Delta Airlines flight last week.

In the video, an unidentified man yells “Donald Trump, baby!” before asking, “We got some Hillary bi—-s on here?”

Many were quick to point on how in Trump’s AmeriKKKa, angry white males are allowed to freely harass (and physically assault) citizens and be overall social menaces, because if this disruptive Delta passenger has been black, we all know the staffers wouldn’t have hesitated to turn the plane around and have him escorted off the plane by law officials.

But this profane white boy was allowed to create a hostile environment and staffers did nothing… most likely because they too are Trump supporters and saw nothing wrong his behavior.

Delta only issued an apology after uproar erupted in response to how they handled the situation. Union and Henson were quick to tell the airline that their initial response was not good enough.

Henson added: “”CHANGE YOUR FLIGHT SIS I DID!!! #EffDelta,” the actress wrote, in response to Union’s tweet. She continued to use the #EffDelta hashtag throughout her tweets and retweets about the subject.

What do you think?

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22 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union & Taraji P. Henson Respond To Delta Airlines Trump Supporter

  1. AA Woman. That’s a great idea. Get our own businesses and promote our own. I notice when I say that, most Blacks start screaming and hollering like they’ve lost their minds but something positive, no a word.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Oh, of course! There’s unfortunately a large sector of us who are committed complainers that the evil white man is keeping them from doing anything but if you give them some suggestions we can do for ourselves; you get called a white troll and Uncle Tom…so pathetic.

  2. americanize on said:

    Be aware of the devils that come on this site u know who they r.An some pretend to be black but they r white devils.Also be ready to defend urself by any means against these racist devil trump supporters.Don,t let them punk u.

  3. Delta needs to send a stronger statement and stop pissing footing around. We all know including Delta had this person been of another ethnic group, the marshalls would had been out in full force and I don’t believe that none were flying Delta.

  4. A Good Catholic Girl on said:

    This incident isn’t good PR for Delta. While 30,000 ft. in the air, we don’t want to bother with loud mouths, mouthing off about dumb ass Trump. He (Trump) needs to curtain and control his deplorables.

  5. This racist lying ass orange cheeto stirring up all this hate and anger with all those lies and false promises he made. He’s president elect NOT president until January 20th, if he makes it. Damn foolish racist white folks coming out the woodwork and are going to get hurt. They are going to jump at the wrong one who’s not scared and they will get the **it kicked out of them..

  6. Abdullah mujahid on said:

    People have constitutional civil wrights,republican whites seem to miss the point on that,ive seen so much disrespect since this corrupted election,i though I was in South Africa.

  7. These actions create a lot hostile people, since when has politics become so vane, Trump has not proven anything as President Of The United States, he’s got four years in front him, good luck & GOD BLESS AMERICA………………………………………………………………………..LOVE YOURSELF

  8. Darlene on said:

    I’m sick of these ignorant white rascit bitches. I can’t wait for these nut cases wake up and see that this con artist they voted for don’t give a damn about them. It’s all about him lining his greedy ass pockets. I can’t stand the bitch

  9. Chris Mason on said:

    Ok sisters and brothers, let’s boycott the MF’s and while we’re at it, Chili’s restaurant too for taking the black veteran’s food away on veteran’s day b/c some inbred, yahoo, hillbilly didn’t believe he was a vet. These people despicable. The only way to make them hurt is M O N E Y. Cause we all know whites will sell their souls to Satan for a buck!!

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  11. And bettering ourselves and communities includes boycotting entities that show no respect for us. Let our dollars prove our power and watch how tables will turn!!

  12. African American Woman on said:

    Who the hell cares…if we put this much time and energy into bettering ourselves and communities, we wouldn’t care what anyone says…

    • This incident wouldn’t even have caused me to look up from the book I was reading. Now, had he said “nobody make a move. I have a bomb”, I would have had to insert my bookmark and pay attention. Btw. What in the silly ass hell is a Hillary bitch?

      • straightnochaser on said:

        Normally I wouldn’t go ham over people like yourself, but you are the stupidest m****r f****r on the planet. Insecure folks like you is the reason the world is a jacked up as it is. No worries though. We’ll just sit back and wait for the outcry when that oversized, thin skinned, oompa loompa you voted for can’t deliver on all the b******t you and others like you were stupid enough to fall for. Meanwhile, be a little proactive and kill yourself now. You’re worth no more than two squirts of duck s**t alive.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Girl, I fell out my chair laughing! Insert your bookmark and look up, LMAO. Folks, we cannot and never will be able to control the thoughts and speech of another. Y’all say boycott delta-why not get together, pool money use black banks and finance a black owned airlines…oh wait, that would no more complaining about things we can’t control…never mind!

    • specialt757 on said:

      Now Barb me and you rarely agree but you’re damn skippy on this one. They wouldn’t have been able to land fast enough before his ass was in handcuffs. white America psssh I tell you.

      • Sasha Hart on said:

        And once arrested, he would have been killed on his way from the airport to the jail. No one would have seen a thing.

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