Black Vet Moves After Racist Threats Over Uproar About Chili’s Meal


Ernest Walker, a Black U.S. Army veteran, was denied a meal at Chili’s on Veterans Day. Chili’s, like many restaurants around the country, offers free meals to vets on Veteran’s Day, but at this particular Chili’s restaurant in Cedar Hill, Texas, the manager decided not to serve the American serviceman.

Since the incident, Chili’s has removed the manager and released the following statement:

“We personally apologized to Mr. Walker for the unfortunate experience in our restaurant on Veterans Day and thanked him for his service to our country. We also thanked him for taking the time to speak with us and he appreciated our apology.”

Now, Walker says things have gotten worse for his family. The Army vet has received multiple death threats, unsolicited mail, and had to move out of his house to ensure his family’s safety.

Walker and his attorney S. Lee Merritt spoke with Roland Martin during Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now about the racially charged attack he and his family have had to endure since the unfortunate incident at Chili’s.

Walker told Martin he has also received a tremendous amount of support. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joined the chorus of voices standing in solidarity with Walker.

Despite the support, Walker said, “There are still those who questioned my service almost like the birth certificate of the President – you show it and it’s still not good enough.”

Merritt said since the election of Donald Trump, “people feel more emboldened to question even African-American veterans or people of different faiths or people of Mexican descent.”

Even though Chili’s apologized for the incident, Merritt and his client hope the restaurant chain would “do more to help move the narrative back to a place where if we’re all one America, then we can all get behind our veterans.”

Watch Roland Martin, Ernest Walker, S. Lee Merritt, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the out of control response to the Chili’s incident in the video clip above.


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25 thoughts on “Black Vet Moves After Racist Threats Over Uproar About Chili’s Meal

  1. Just to chime in on a few things. When I first saw this on the news the first thing that alarmed me was the fact that he was wearing black leather boots while wearing the Army Combat Uniform. To me that is a red flag. Secondly the appearance of his uniform was not consistent of that with someone who served in the Army. To me that was another red flag. Now, I’m an African American who has served in the military for over 20 years and my first instinct would have been the same as the manager. Now I don’t condone the actions of the racist actions of others but with the recent rise in “STOLEN VALOR” you could understand why the manager acted the way he did. Well, I could understand why he did what he did.

    Here’s my question: I’m sure this customer wasn’t the first African American that came in and used he’s status as an active duty or veteran to get a meal. Why didn’t others come to the aid of this manager and vouch for him. So many people so quick to throw the race card these days. just saying…

  2. Butter Pecan and Jay…I’m with with you….load up….and I’m a woman. Our ancestors fought and died for us to live a life of America’s freedom and ain’t no chicken-shit coward going to run me off!

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    This man is a fraud. He does not wear the uniform properly nor is he entitled to do so. A simple FOIA request will verify his status!

      • Been there/done that at the highest levels Harold. I earned the right and I know what right looks like. While this man did serve for a short while in the 80’s he was not authorized to wear the uniform he is seen in here and certainly not in the manner in which he is wearing it. No self-respecting Soldier would ever do that– not ever.

    • You Waste of AIR Scum, you are in NO POSITION to talk about A REAL MAN I would LOVE to see you say that to MY Face or His You would not get a Pass.

  4. ButterPecan on said:

    I understand his reluctance to stay in his house to protect his family but on the flip side, he should have called Ray-Ray ‘nem and June-Bug cause you know they got some heavy artillery, and waited for the COWARDS to show up. Then open up on them like he was in Afghanistan! That should prove his Military Service!

  5. I’ll be damned if I move out of my house I have some white devils like that in the neighborhood I lived in I went and kicked there asses as a black man I wish I thought that a white man or a group of white people in these United States would run me my black self away from a neighborhood you’ve got to be f****** crazy they haven’t made a white devil yet that’ll make me leave my home stop being scared Negroes and stand your ground Fight Like a Man or die like a coward.

  6. Michael Perry on said:

    Hear, hear! You are absolutely correct regarding that lowlife meddlesome sleezebag who started this in the first place by not minding his own business.

  7. This gentleman served his country and you gonna deny him what was probably a damn meal under $20!!! Really Hit them in the pockets which is the only way they listen. I fear once this fool is sworn into office it’s gonna get worse for us. Really scary because it’s so bad now that I hate to think what worse looks like. Our poor country. These idiots that elected him into office don’t know what they have done.

    • This manager should be fired and blacklisted. Mr. Walker should not be concerned about those that question his service. They don’t matter. If by chance Mr. Walker, you happen upon this site, I want to say to you: lean on your supporters. This too shall pass.

  8. Chili’s “released” the manager. Is that code word for he was sent to another Chili’s to work? The manager should have been straight up fired for being so disrespectful

  9. americanize on said:

    Come on Mr. walker,u don,t let no coward bitches run u out ur own house.Practice ur 2nd amendments rights.The manager should be fired he took the word of a racist devil,b/c blacks fought in every war this country had.Fu*k Chills.

  10. So sad-this man has served this damn country and comes home to be treated like a piece of s–t.

    The cracker who caused all the stink regarding this Veteran’s military uniform needs to be
    smacked upside his head. Who the heal was he to question this man’s military service?

    White folks are really getting OUT OF POCKET now that Chump is on his way to the WH.
    They are truly showing their IGNORANCE.

    • Michael Perry on said:

      Hear, hear! You are absolutely correct regarding that lowlife meddlesome sleezebag who started this in the first place by not minding his own business.

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