11/16/16- Roland Martin delivers a message for the white democrat/progressive on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

“When I said y’all better send black men out to talk to black men when it comes to voting. If they had put the resources where the people vote, they would’ve seen Hillary Clinton as President of the United States,” he said. “Black people listen to black radio. if you think you’re going to be empowered without playing up the black people and the Hispanic people, you’re going to lose again.”

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16 thoughts on “A Message For The White Democrat/Progressive

  1. Elaine Smith on said:

    Folks who voted for Trump, let me ask a few questions:
    1. Did you see anybody who looked like you accompanying or advising Trump during the campaign?
    2. Did you see any black entrepreneurs, single mothers or senior citizens?
    3. Of the 5 folks selected to work in the administration so far, do any of them look like you?
    Now take race out of it. Looking at records only, who in the group of folks already selected or pending confirmation, has done anything to make you think that your interests, as Black Americans, if you are black, will be represented?

    Who? What are you pinning your hopes on? Have you been to his website? It mentions NOTHING about urban renewal. NOTHING. Visit the site for yourself.

    https://www.greatagain.gov And, since you have so much faith, apply for a job…Test the waters and prove us wrong. You don’t know what you’ve done and the lesson is going to be a very hard one.

  2. Patrice Jones on said:

    Please help and pass on.. We must respond to America in the only language they understand…Money

    In light of recent and continued events that I will refer to as “disheartening”, I am requesting that ALL African Americans and those other ethnicities who agree with and wish to demonstrate their disgust with the US to refrain from shopping on “BLACK FRIDAY”. Let us show the world that “BLACK” lives really do matter. Yes I AM aware that there is a movement that ALL lives matter and however, true there is not “ALL” lives that are being placed in the prison judicial system and murdered in the streets, with no form of justice or often times no reprimand and with such leniency that “dogs” matter to this America more than “BLACK” men/women.

    History has shown us that “money” matters. The Montgomery Bus Boycott wasn’t successful because of protests and demonstrations, but because of its ability to demolish a company through placing economic stress on the company. I AM not asking you to not purchase your loved ones those items they deserve to receive and you deserve to give; however, I AM asking for a demonstration of unity and solidarity for ONE day–“BLACK FRIDAY”. Let’s show those loved one who have lost a son, daughter, father, uncle, brother, friend, cousin and loved ones that their lives matter–more than those gifts for a day. I can assure you when the overstocked and under priced items don’t sale, the companies will turn “BLACK” FRIDAY INTO “BLACK” Saturday. If ever there was a time to stand up and demonstrate to America the power of Unity, –the time is now. We need to have gun laws reformed, judicial system reformed, voting laws/methods reformed/guaranteed, education reform, etc. American understand as it is always have–the power of the dollar. America was established and founded around a capitalist model, therefore, you “hit” the model in a way to destroy its very foundation, and to destroy the very levels it is built upon.

    I AM not going to spend one penny of Lincoln on “BLACK” FRIDAY–NOT EVEN AT THE GAS STATION. WHOSE WITH ME???

  3. Please! Everyone who voted for Trump is not a bigot, deplorable, un-educated, stupid or just plain un-informed. How many of us voted for Obama and didn’t know a thing about him other than the color of his skin? How many of us that were looking for that black male or woman to lead the country? How many of us actually did some investigating into who he was and what issues he would address as President of the US? Maybe if we open a dialogue we would know why they voted for him. But, what do we do, bash and degrade.

  4. The fact of the matter is white america was pissed bc Hillary hugged too many blk ppl. That’s the long and the short of it. Hate is gonna hate. They rather have a white rascit than an experienced woman as president

  5. Love the Roland Martin show. Love the fact that he is man enough to talk back to whoever whenever Sebrina bring the funk………

  6. Roland Martin is a big part of the problem. He acts as if Blacks cannot walk and chew him simultaneously. Is he actually blaming White liberals for Black people not voting?! How about preaching some self respect and personal responsibility! Stop blaming others!

  7. Hill lost because people of color saw her for what she was a FRAUD.

    After she made those ugly comments years ago, calling our young men “super predators”- why should we have come out in droves for her?

    In addition, Hill seemed to have had a “sense of entitlement” when it came to her running for president this time just as she did in 2008 against Barack H Obama.

    Maybe if she had visited more urban areas, broke bread in a soul-food restaurant, attended a few Black churches (not just the Sunday before election day)-the end result would have been different.

    HRC has no one to blame but herself for her loss to CHUMP!
    She simply needs to stop with the Whining!!!!!!!

    • Perhaps being a NYer I have a different perspective on Hillary Clinton. She has spent nearly 30 years working to help the disenfranchised: women, children, people of color. I don’t think one comment should color her life’s work. And rest assured, if you didn’t vote at all, you voted for Trump. I have 0 respect for ppl who didn’t vote at all, who essentially don’t want to count in this world and then want to bitch about how nothing changes. And, I am not suggesting or accusing you of not voting L, just stating my opinion. I have been ill since Trump won bc I knew he was going to win bc I understand the racist underbelly of this country is always lying just beneath the surface. A lot of people, esp the foolish media, wanted to believe that his supporters were just the garden variety confederate flag waving hillbillies, but I knew better. I work closely with a lot of highly educated people that I know for a fact voted for him. The answer to making our situation in this country better for us lies within us. We must do better. We must educate ourselves. We must stop with the fatherless children, the rampant crime, the infighting and self hate and all the negative behaviors tearing our communities apart. Only then will we start to improve our lot in this world.

    • Damn L! The woman sat through Mary J Blah perched in front of her warbling out a whole song. What more could could anyone ask of her? I still have not been able to get an answer to the question of why was Mary J interviewing a presidential candidate? I think that’s what did Hil in.

    • She’s not whining. She did visit and communicated with the black communities during primary and beyond. No one Should have to kiss your butt to make you vote! If you care about your community you vote for the dog catcher on up to the President! Then… you hold them accountable based on their rolls in government, which unfortunately a lot of people don’t know or care what that is. Most don’t don’t who their local representatives are but quick to blame the president. That’s like me going to my CEO to complain & I haven’t spoke to my manager yet.

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