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Source: Earl Gibson III / Getty

The ‘Hollywood Divas’ star revealed her real hair on Instagram with the caption, “I know I’m cute with hair or without it.”

Fans commended the reality star on her bravery. One commenter wrote, “You are gorgeous. Shine on Queen.”

She followed up with a meme to confirm that she is not sick like some people have implied.

She posted:


Countess appeared on ‘The Doctors’ a few years ago to discuss her struggle with lace front wigs, which led to a damaged scalp.

“I had a bad reaction to the glue that I used to apply the wig, so my hair started falling out,” she explained.

She suffers from discoloration around all the areas where the wig tape or glue would have been applied.

Watch the segment below:

2 thoughts on “Countess Vaughn Reveals Her Real Hair On Instagram, Dispels Sickness Rumors

  1. She is sick, mentally. Do black women so hate themselves and their natural hair, they are willing to do this? WOW To make matters worse, they then get a gacky blonde weave hoping they can compete with white women for a mens attention. This is not a sickness????

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