BOSTON (AP) — Bill Cosby expects to be cleared of a criminal sexual assault charge and restart his entertainment career, his lawyer argues in a defamation lawsuit filed against him by seven women.

Attorney Angela Agrusa is urging a judge to seal documents that contain information about Cosby’s negotiated compensation for his performances and other personal financial information.

The women suing Cosby in federal court in Massachusetts argue that he has no future in show business and won’t be hurt by disclosing that information.

But Agrusa, in a written response filed Thursday, called that claim “baseless.”

“When Mr. Cosby is cleared from all liability and charges … he expects to resume his career, and there is no reason to believe otherwise,” she wrote. “But disclosure of this type of financial and business information is irreversible. Even after his name is cleared, if released to the public, this information would improperly restrain his employment and tie his hands for renegotiation.”

Approximately 50 women have come forward since 2014 and claimed that Cosby, once known as America’s Dad for his beloved portrayal of Dr. Cliff Huxtable on his top-ranked “The Cosby Show” in the 1980s and ’90s, forced unwanted sexual contact on them decades ago. In Pennsylvania, Cosby has pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting a former Temple University employee.

Cosby, 79, also faces several lawsuits around the country filed by women who allege he defamed them when he publicly branded them as liars through statements made by his attorneys or other representatives.

Cosby, who has been married for decades, has generally denied the women’s accusations, and the statute of limitations has expired in most of the cases against him.

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(Photo Source: AP)

6 thoughts on “Lawyer: Cosby Expects To Be Cleared And Resume His Career

  1. The Truth on said:

    The is why America is in turmoil Now. These Damn Double standards and not only are Black people sick of it but other Nationality are sick of it also. I believe these fascist and bigots need to check themselves. We are in a NEW Generation. We are living with a lot of mixed marriage, relAtionship and kids are involved. We have mixed friendship, business relationship, college and adopted family mixed relationships. The Love is STRONG THE PASSION ID STRONG…OTHETS ARE SEEING THAT EVIL AND HATRED IN OTHERS FROM THE PASS..IT STINKS IT DANGEROUS AND NOW YOU VOTED FOR THIS ONLY BE AUSE YOU ARE WORRIED A THAT MIGHTY DOLLAR WHICH WILL EVENTUALLY DESTROY US…OR AGAIN SOME PEOPLE WERE PAID OFF FOR THIS OUT COME. I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY AND I AM ASKING YOU TO PRAY FOR GOD TO REVEAL THE TRUTH. HE WANT LET YOU DOWN PRAY AND ASK FOR IT TO BE REVEAL…WE NEED,ALOT OF PRAY WARRIORS.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Still smh at how trump was elected president and we’ve heard the vile and disgusting things he said out of his own mouth. But yet here Dr. Cosby who hasn’t admitted to doing anything remotely close is in the fight of his life because someone else SAID he did something. What a f up world we live in today. I guess God’s got a plan I just wish he would clue me in.

    • No, Mr. Cosby didn’t say anything vile or disgusting. The only thing he did was tell a few inconvenient truths about blacks and that was enough to make us turn on him and proceed, even to this day to try and hound him to his grave. Had Trump’s own people turned on him the way our people turned on Mr. Cosby, Trump would be nowhere near the White House right now. We tarred, feathered, burned him in effigy, convicted him without a trial, and made sure Mr. Cosby had absolutely no support from the AA community, because he dared to tell us to “pull up our pants”. And so, now when it’s convenient, we sit around, scratch our heads and act all brand new about why Mr. Cosby is in the position he’s in, as opposed to Mr. Trump, who’s nastiness hardly caused a ripple. Mr. Cosby is in the position he’s in because that’s where we helped to put him. And when I say “we” I mean blacks in general. But that’s what we do. Crabs in a barrel. That’s us.

  3. If this country can elect a man who was also accused of molesting women–then Mr. C should be acquitted!!!!!!!!!

    Funny how folks did not hold CHUMP accountable for his ugly actions towards females-yet they
    want to “lynch” Cosby!!!!!!!

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