mandel-ngan-getty-trump-1476130889733President-elect Donald Trump should have opened his epic 90-minute meeting with President Barack Obama Thursday with two simple words: “I’m sorry.”

But he didn’t.

Obama and Trump shook hands inside the White House and discussed a civil transfer of power two days after a racially divided nation witnessed Trump’s historic defeat of Hillary Clinton.

The president, a former community organizer, and Trump, a current billionaire blowhard, finally met face-to-face in the Oval Office — an improbable sit-down that no one saw coming 16 months ago.

These two men – who met Thursday for the first time — couldn’t be more different: Obama is tolerant; Trump is often intolerable. Obama is intellectual and cerebral. Trump doesn’t have a clue about leading – or healing — a nation.

This was clearly not the meeting Obama had envisioned, but it’s the meeting the president got. Obama campaigned vigorously for Clinton; he portrayed Trump correctly as an unbalanced tweet-obsessed fanatic who is unfit to be the nation’s commander-in-chief, a man who is long on rhetoric and short on substance.

And Obama will probably never forget that Trump led the so-called “birther” movement which questioned Obama’s citizenship, claiming that Obama was not born in the United States and was therefore disqualified for holding the office of president.

Trump’s attempt to discredit Obama in such a mean-spirited personal way was blatantly racist, the only logical interpretation for Trump’s lunacy. In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported that hate groups in the U.S. have increased since Obama was elected president and Trump, who fostered an atmosphere of racial hatred, was endorsed by the KKK.

For months, Trump continued to disrespect the nation’s first Black president at every opportunity and hounded Obama, not about his legislative agenda, but about his lineage. For his constant contempt, Trump owes Obama a sincere apology.

But now Trump is poised to become president on Jan. 20 and take Obama’s place in the Oval Office. His immediate plan – however misguided and dangerous — is to dismantle many of Obama’s signature policies, which includes repealing the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, which could adversely impact 20 million Americans.

But Obama, the consummate statesman, has vowed to make the shift of power as seamless as possible for Trump.

“My No. 1 priority in the next two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our President-elect is successful,” Obama said after his meeting with Trump.

Obama told Trump: “If you succeed, the country succeeds,” as the two men sat in front of the fireplace in the Oval Office.

Trump thanked Obama for the meeting, which he said had originally been scheduled for 10-15 minutes but lasted and hour and a half, with Trump saying it could have gone on much longer.

“Mr. President, it was a great honor being with you and I look forward to being with you many, many more times,” Trump said. He called Obama a “very good man.”

But what can we expect from Trump? A rookie politician who promises to be a leader for all Americans? Or the crass loudmouth who often insulted people of color on the campaign trail?

At some point, Trump will begin to methodically derail Obama’s legacy. On immigration, for example, Trump said he overturn Obama’s executive order to grant permits to millions of undocumented immigrants.

But now, after nearly two years of Trump proudly pushing back against political correctness – and singling out Hispanics and African-Americans as targets– Republicans are asking the millions of Americans who voted for Clinton to forgive Trump and give the incoming commander-in-chief a chance to succeed.

That’s certainly possible – but not today.

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17 thoughts on “Trump Owes Obama An Apology For Leading ‘Birther’ Movement

  1. Good if an infrastructure bill is passed (by the way President Obama has been trying to get this bill passed for years). It will be good for construction workers; however everyone isn’t a construction worker. Meanwhile everyone keeps telling (ALL) kids to go to college. Duuuuuuuuh the average construction worker doesn’t need a college degree. As for coal mines opening back up in PA, etc. that’s yet to be seen, and any factories that reopen will be mostly automated (robots). So factories won’t employ hundreds of thousands of people; but only hundreds of jobs would become available. Certainly not millions of jobs that the candidates claimed.

  2. I encountered numerous young people B4 the election that said they weren’t going to vote, and didn’t give a ‘S’ who becomes president. Their concern was, and is that they need a job. I understand their concern but can’t help but think how they think (any) president is realistically going to create millions of jobs. Also with everything Trump has said, and been accused of, and the lawsuits he faces…..the bar for running for president has been tremendously lowered.

  3. why would he give Obama an apology. It got trump what he wanted. He sowed the seeds of hatred and discontent 8 years ago. He constantly criticized and belittled the President Obama from then til now. Counting on running himself. He put in the minds of his trumpsters that Obama was not fit to lead. trump has been looking to run for President since the early 1000s. He sowed the seeds in 1008 and reaped the fruit in 2016

  4. Trump has (small) hands……and, that circle thing he does with his fingers drive me crazy. I know that’s petty….but he looks like a B-otch when he does that

  5. Cottman it’s waste of time, and ink to suggest Trump should apologize. There are many things he’s said, and done that he should apologize about; but I’m not holding my breath. Trump is a manipulator, and he knows what he’s doing when he says negative things. I’m more concerned about his Supreme Court choices, what he might do regarding women’s rights, and what he will do to the Affordable Healthcare Act. Yes it needs twerking……but I hope he doesn’t dismantle it altogether .

    • Is this some ignorant shigady, or what! First of all people need to do their home work; a form of a so-called free phone has been around waaaay before Obama came on the scent (some reports say to 1996). I say so-called free because nothing is free….it’s paid for by our tax dollars. The same goes for all the hoopla about so-called free college (hello….again would be paid for with our tax dollars $$). In short it appears that the pre-curser to a so-called free phone in 2008 was launched (3) three months before Obama even was elected. SMH!!

  6. williaml on said:

    Trump does NOT owe Obama any apology!
    Hillary started that birther mess back in 2008.
    Hillary is the one that should be apologizing

  7. Adriene Rucker on said:

    When our President Obama was peacefully and gracefully handing over power to Trump the bust of Martin Luther King was on a table right behind the hate monger, Was that a subliminal message.

  8. One day DT and all his flunkies – followers will open their eyes in Hell and they will be saying I’m sorry to every body and begging for forgiveness and it will be too late….

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