GLAAD Gala San Francisco

Source: Kimberly White / Getty

Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist DeRay McKesson is no stranger to having in run-ins with law enforcement, however he just earned his first lawsuit while protesting injustice.

Last July, as DeRay led a BLM rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he was accused of being responsible for the damage, distress and injuries suffered by a local police officer, who has decided to sue McKesson.

According to The Grio, the officer claims he suffered substantial injuries.

Via The Grio:

According to the officer, who is filing as a John Doe, the rally-goers were blocking the streets, and police were called to the scene. While responding, the officer claims that he and other officers were hit with bottles looted from a nearby store before someone grabbed a rock or piece of concrete and threw it at him.

The officer claims to have injured his jaw and brain in attention to losing some teeth, and he is suing for medical bills and damages, claiming that McKesson incited the crowd to violence.

As of press time, there have been no details on the actual amount that the officer is seeking from McKesson, who has yet to respond to the lawsuit.



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