11/2/16- Roland Martin talks to Congressman G.K. Butterfield about voting in North Carolina with less than a week away from the 2016 election.

“We’ve had 421,000 African Americans to vote early. That’s a 22% turnout. We’re engaged unlike any since 2008. The margin of victory is going to be in the African American vote. The eyes of the nation are watching us in North Carolina,” Butterfield said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.


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6 thoughts on “Congressman G.K. Butterfield Says The Eyes Of The Nation Are Watching North Carolina

  1. Alberta on said:

    I want to know why Black people trust de white man soo much..Yes it’s true he made a law protecting our so called “civil rights” what makes us think he wouldn’t rescind on his word? Some people rescind within 3 days De White man may rescind on the matter eventually…it’s inevitable..sooner or later..we should know by now that men Lie! It’s only been about 50 yrs…He can’t take it any longer..he’s never satisfied even with trillions & billions in the bank..He..Dee White man is the Deceiver the Son of perdition & you can not make war with him…He always breaks contracts with nations…he broke his contract with Native Americans..& every other nation he tries to conquer…Soo who do we think we are more special than they? Only GOD’s LAWs are eternal…man’s laws are temporary….Did we forget they KILLED MLKing..they didn’t give us anything we didn’t already possess. .Jesus will work it out for us in the end.

  2. An old associate of mine in the Trump campaign ( yes he’s an idiot) says that Trump mentioned that he would like to repeal the 1964 Civil Rights Act if elected. Go figure.

  3. All I know is none of those CHUMP supporters better not try that “voter intimidation” mess
    when I go to vote. They will get the s–t beat out of their IGNORANT ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • well I guess your ignorant ass better have all required ID to vote rather than trying to make a statement and geting your ass put down

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