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Jason Goolsby, the Washington DC teen who was arrested last year after a woman said that she felt “uneasy” at an ATM, is now suing the city for failing to prevent false imprisonment, assault, and battery by Metropolitan Police Department officers.

Video footage of Goolsby’s arrest went viral last year, sparking public outrage as he was shown writhing in pain while his friend, Mike Brown, shouted to the arresting officer that Goolsby had not done anything wrong.

Cops were called to the scene after a white woman at an ATM called 911 and said she felt “uneasy,” and that “if we had taken money out we might’ve gotten robbed.”

The 911 caller said that she did not feel safe, but later admitted that the teens “weren’t doing anything in the bank,” and “had not committed any crime in her presence.”

The department determined that the officers used force that was “reasonably necessary to bring this situation under control” and to “overcome the level of resistance.”


The initial call to 911 stated that three subjects may be trying to rob people at the ATM. The location for the call was 6th St and Pennsylvania Ave SE. Officers in the area responded to the assignment. One individual fled on foot from the police, was chased, and then taken down. The individual resisted, and was handcuffed while resisting after he refused to stop. The person making the video was interfering with police, and was also detained while the incident was investigated. Neither individual was arrested,” said officer Sean Hickman said.

One witness working nearby at the time of the incident agrees with the police account that the man shooting the video became physical with police.

“He pushed the police guy,” Jorge Rivera told ABC7.

Police say after questioning him they released the young man. They also maintain they asked him whether he needed medical attention and despite his pained screams he declined and left.

“[This experience] scarred him for life—physically and emotionally,” said Goolsby’s attorney, Peter Grenier.

Goolsby is suing Washington, D.C. for $1 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages.

PHOTO: NBC Washington

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12 thoughts on “Man Arrested After Woman Felt ‘Uneasy’ At ATM Suing D.C.

  1. This young man should Withdraw his money from this racist bank, and bank with a “Black-Owned Bank.” (All African Americans Need to do this).

    Bank with “One United Bank.” White people understand when you “hit them in their pockets!”

  2. What did he think the officer was going to do once he took off running? Get back into his cruiser and leave? Why do we have to make things so much harder than they have to be? Why not just stand there and find out what the officer wants. After the police heard that paranoid nonsense she called in about, they would have done what they did anyway. Let him go. Instead, his camera man winds up pushing the cop, he winds up being taken down in a chase. Why? It could have wound up being so much worse. All for nothing.

    • The Massachusetts Supreme Court recently passed a law that said that black men have a reasonable justification for fearing the police and that in some cases would not be penalized for running from the police. So when you make your uninformed comments about what someone else should fear or not fear maybe you should keep in mind that even the Supreme Court of the state of Massachusetts realizes that black people, black men in particular have a reason to fear a confrontation with police. Try walking in someone else’s shoes or picturing yourself in that person’s predicament ( a concept called empathy) and then maybe you’ll realize that judgement is better left to God because some people are incapable of feeling other people’s pain.

  3. Good!!!!

    White folks need to stop with that s–t about feeling “uncomfortable” around Black folks.
    This young man was attempting to use the same ATM as she was-so WTF was her problem?–
    she must be one of Chump’s supporters. We all know what they think of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder what would happen if a Black person felt “uncomfortable” around a white person and we called the po po on their asses.

    WE WOULD NO DOUBT BE ARRESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I hope that by the time her child grows up the table will be turned and white people will be the ones that are society is suspicious of because the only way white people will understand what black people have gone through is to experience it themselves. Fortunately for them they were born at a time when being white afforded them certain advantages that people of color don’t have (and I would never want to be anything but the black person I am) and so they have never been in the position of having their skin color and ethnicity determine there lot in life, but one good thing about evolution and that is things in most instances change for the best and because our country is becoming browner it will soon become apparent to them just how disenfranchised your life can become when you are in the minority and how important the concept of empathy will become in your lives.

      • Sherry on said:

        “Whitey’s suspicions” were not correct. This young was not doing anything wrong. He was at a bank — where he had an account, and held the door opened for this white woman aka “gentrifier”, and she felt uneasy about it. I want to emphasize, this young man did not commit any crime. What is happening in D.C. is that whites are taking over once occupied black neighborhoods, and they expect the remaining blacks to conform to their norm. I don’t think so. If whites want to take over the black neighborhoods, I suggest they put their big briefs/panties on, and except that all blacks are not criminals and learn to act accordingly. Hey, why wasn’t she arrested for filing a false report? Citizens across the USA need a Citizens Bill of Rights” stating that police should not have the right to put their hands on people. Police brutality is simply out of hand. What do the naysayers have to say when someone does comply and the police still sling them around or shot them. A lot of this resistance to complying with orders is that people are afraid — you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t. It is a no-win situation, particularly for blacks.

      • This paranoid schizophrenic did not file a police report, therefore there would be no reason to arrest her. If standing and waiting while a police officer explains why he came over to talk to you, instead of taking off like a runaway slave at the site of the color blue is “conforming to the norm”, then I’d say we need to start conforming. People are afraid of the cops. People are afraid of other people. In the near future, we may just walk out of our houses and see every damned body running because everybody is afraid of everybody else. Ridiculous.

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