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10/19/16- Roland Martin and the Pastor of Friendship West Baptist, Dr. Fredrick Haynes of  talk to the Democratic nominee for Vice President, Senator Tim Kaine about the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump and much more.

What to expect from tonight’s debate:

“Her demeanor was presidential. She was calm even when Donald Trump tried to rattle her. She will be well prepared.”

On rumors of a rigged election:

“It’s really insulting. One thing I’ve noticed is that when he goes to Penn this is something he always bring up. We run fair elections in this country. It makes me mad that guys on that side are now suggesting that they are the victims.”

How to re-energize millennials: 

“We’re trying to remind them that they can make the difference in a lot of these close states.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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6 thoughts on “Democratic Nominee For Vice President Tim Kaine Talks Millennials & Rumors Of A Rigged Election

  1. common on said:

    The Obamas whose going around bashing Trump can’t produce anything from Hillary’s track record, a woman who has spent 30+years in this political arena cannot bring any issues, accomplishments, involvements for the betterment of anything, her track record seems to be VOID of anything.

  2. GOLDnBOLD on said:

    And yes I have typos from this app usage from my phone…so u can keep the inability to spell comments…yep…I caught my own…Thank you

  3. GOLDnBOLD on said:

    I think it is important to note that the VP hopeful expressed a comment regarding rhis and rhere is a sifference from fact of behavior and the false allegations of such behavior when there is nothing to support that accusation…Just Saying

  4. FallMornings on said:

    You know jhuf, I was thinking the same thing. When one of us cried foul then its legit. Let one of them say the same thing then there is a problem. Another double standard.

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