Actress and activist Aunjanue Ellis passionately schooled BLACK co-founder Amber Phillips about “The Birth Of A Nation,” and why Nate Parker’s personal scandals shouldn’t overshadow the story of Nat Turner. Click on the audio player to hear more in this exclusive clip from The Russ Parr Morning Show.

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3 thoughts on “Aunjanue Ellis Passionately Explains The Importance Of “The Birth Of A Nation” [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Sajdah Sabree on said:

    I agree with Aunjanue Ellis, This film should be supported. I do not understand this furry over the allegations of Nate Parker , yet these same women supported Straight out o Compton with a known abuser of women with not so much as a shout. I saw this film twice and will purchase it to show my six year old daughter when she is older. The film is that important to me. And yes I still watch the Cosby show and A Different World.

  2. So Aunjanue is an activist while the other woman is a feminist, huh? Are you sure Aunjanue doesn’t consider herself a feminist too? I mean, if she is even slightly bothered by the wage gap between actors and actresses in Hollywood, she’s a feminist i.e. she cares about women having the same rights as men. The title, the comment accompanying this audio segment is from a WOMAN who seems to enjoy pitting 2 black women against each other And for what? For who? SMH!

  3. Sylvie on said:

    Just as I would not want a President who would commit a sexual assault on a women ! I would not support a director or actor who will either !!! Double standard !!!! I’ll read the book !!!!!!!!

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