The 7 Wonders of THE TALK! Season 7 premieres with shocking reveals, behind the scenes secrets, surprising reunions and more. Monday, Sept. 12,  2:00 PM ET/1:00 PM, PT/CT on the CBS Television Network. Sheryl Underwood, shown    Photo: Robert Ascroft© 2016 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Comedian and The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood weighs in on the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Listen to her take as a registered Republican!

“This is so ignorant and for the first time black people are in it. We’ve got to vote. We’ve got to go five deep. I’m voting for Hillary, I’m telling everyone. The debate was only good to show why Donald Trump shouldn’t be President,” Underwood said.

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10 thoughts on “Sheryl Underwood Is Glad Blacks Have Nothing To Do With The Ignorance In The Debate

    • Have you not researched what Hillary thinks of our race? You don’t have to dig deep sista. We need real change, no the same old rhetoric from the last 8 years. Underwood, you need to keep your opinions to your fat azz self….ooops sorry, thick azz self.

      • gina Smith kirkling on said:

        Google Donald Trumps Russian ties. Now you get informed be informed. His previous Campaign Chair is headed to prison due to the Russian Mafia crimes!!

    • common on said:

      not sure if you got this reply, Trump was not running for president 11 years ago he was just a citizen like you and the rest of us.

  1. Some of the remarks I have heard in my community–a young man to a gorgeous young lady–bay let me hit that and I’ll make you leave yo man another remark I’ve witness was–young man tries to holler at a young woman she ignores him he replies, bitch pussy probably stank anyway and goes about his business, where is the outrage of the terrible things from and some women I hear in my own community?

  2. Sheryl you are just fooling yourself, those type of remarks are prevalent in the black community, we have heard the same or something of it many times don’t act like you don’t know and many of you know what I am talking about, the music(especially rap music) and movie industry is guilty of this same stuff.

    • vanessa penney on said:

      How is Sheryl fooling herself? Everything she said on this segment was true. And if it had been Obama who had made these vulgar comments about woman, some of you would have wanted him to be kicked out of the Whitehouse. That goes for the issue on not paying his federal taxes too.

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