What would a Donald Trump blunder be without a gospel remix from Anthony Hamilton‘s incredible background singers?

Watch the talented three and Anthony urge you to not vote for Donald Trump or he’ll grab you by the…

You’ve got to love these guys! See more from Anthony and the Hamiltones on the 2017 Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage in April!

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(Photo Source: The Hamiltones Instagram)

3 thoughts on “HILARIOUS: The Hamiltones Recreate Trump’s ‘Grab You By The P****’

  1. Very funny way to go Anthony Hamilton. I believe Trump and his band of lying bobble heads and gone from Hitler to Caligia. The fact that he still has a base just shows how racist this country really is!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Hahaha. Exactly alphareply. And can you imagine people have the nerve to feel it’s okay for him to say these things because others have said worse? I can’t believe people are still riding this train. If President Obama had said or done 1/4 of the things the orange hitler has, he would not be president. I’m not sure what happened to the minds of Americans but I’ll be glad when they wake up from their nightmare and get their senses back. It’s amazing the things people will support as long as it’s done by a white man.

  3. This is so hilarious! Donald Trump dug deep in his video! I wonder how many millions he would have paid to destroy this video! But to come from a Bush Republican camp, you have to love it, doesn’t get any better! I cannot even imagine how many women he would offend with the added power as President of the United States! That video is exactly who he is and I can only imagine, the women in his house are well aware of his character. Money cannot buy you respect or integrity and is not the cure all! I simply thank God for defeating the devil every time!

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