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The family of a pregnant Memphis woman is searching for answers after security guards at her apartment complex threw her to the ground and pepper sprayed her–reportedly without cause.

The incident began at Bent Tree Apartments, when the family was helping their mom whose apartment had caught on fire, Fox 13 reports.

Security guards approached Camri Denton and attacked her after a brief confrontation. The violence was caught on tape.

While the baby and the mother-to-be are expected to be okay, family members are questioning what caused the encounter.

“My name is on the lease. So, I don’t have to leave,”  Denton can be heard telling the guard in the video. “I don’t have to leave. My name is on the lease.”

“Ma’am, you are causing a riot out here,” the guard responded. “You are causing people out here to act crazy.”

Denton told FOX13, “He snatched me up by my wrist. He almost broke it… After I’m two to three months pregnant. And they slammed me against the wall. They put me in handcuffs, and the female pepper sprayed me.”

Andre Buford, the victim’s father, witnessed the incident from the beginning, saying “I mean, I don’t understand how security is able to get away with things like this,” he said. “Especially when your job is to secure the problem, not cause problems.”

Fox 13‘s investigative team followed up with the security contractor, Cobra Memphis, who claimed they do not have a contract to secure Bent Tree Apartments.


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13 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Pepper Sprayed And Thrown To The Ground By Security Guards Outside Of Apartment Complex

  1. Harold white on said:

    You racist KKK members have no right to be on any Black vines. Black people are tired of your racism and bigotry. Get back into your holes, SNAKES!!

  2. I’m not sure where many of you got off! But if the security company wasn’t supposed to be there, his commands didn’t mean anything. I didn’t watch the video, but no matter how she was acting, they had no cause to harm her or her unborn child – they shouldn’t have been there!. Some of you fall right into massa’s plan…divide and conquer!

    • The security company may not have had any business being there, but her baby’s life trumps whether or not she was bound by law to follow his demands. She could have dealt with the bulls**t AFTER all this was over, and she and her child were safe. He had no cause to harm her or her unborn child, but that wouldn’t have been much comfort if something had happened to either one of them. She should simply had gotten out of the way and dealt with it later. She didn’t care enough about her unborn child to ensure it was safe, so why would he? They were both wrong, but she is the one who had the most to lose. He may have lost his job. At the most a few months of freedom. She could have lost her child. Massa’s plan my ass. Just call it what it is. Ignorance and a chance at a windfall.

  3. tsheffield on said:

    wowwwww…your comments are very mean, & racists, how about…the security guard had no business being there, according to the news report, the security company he works for doesn’t even have a contract with that apt.complex…so it wasn’t her that wasn’t supposed to be their, it was him

    • Don’t like the truth, call it racist. Get to steppin’ Sheffield, your monkey shining ain’t welcome round here no more. We are calling out our own on their shiggity behavior, it’s the only way to effect change. This country won’t be great again by repeating the same mistakes over and over.

  4. I bet 1 million dollars if she had did what the offer told her to do, there would have been no problem. Instead she ran her stupid, arrogant mouth and she got exactly what the Black Bitch deserved! I support the Security 100% – BLACKS ARE THE PROBLEM!!!! BLACK IS THE COLOR OF CRIME!!!!

  5. We need to start throwing shade on this constant ghetto hood rat, baby ma-ma, entitled behavior. Good on the security guard for not putting up with her shiggidy.

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