Shaun King is the Senior Justice Writer for the New York Daily News.

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14 thoughts on “Why We Need Our Own Montgomery Bus Boycott

  1. So by Shaun’s own numbers less than 10% of police shootings involved AA’s
    And what is Shaun’s rationale as far as an unarmed men not being a danger?
    If an unarmed man decides to beat a woman into a coma and rape her does he consider that unarmed? Does he suggest police not be armed in a country of armed citizens some like the AA male in this clip who harbor bad intentions

  2. on said:

    The question then becomes who do we boycott? We can’t boycott the police. With the exceptions of the ones who needlessly kill people, we need the police. Still exercising power by boycotting something has merit. If has the potential to eliminate our dependency on others and to uplift out own businesses.

    I suggest that we try to get all content producers and publishers (including writers like yourself) boycott social media. We engage publish content and engage reader only on our platforms. What do you think of hat idea?

  3. The next REVOLUTION will not be televised–IT WILL BE IN LIVING COLOR!!!!!!

    I will be in the front line–POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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