9/28/16- Roland Martin talks to Rev. William Barber, head of the North Carolina NAACP, to talk about the importance of voting and why it’s known as the 21st Century Alabama.

“We have 111 AA HBCUs in North Carolina. We’ve won and fought them and beat them on voters suppression. When somebody tries to take your right to vote and they try to take your healthcare and then they withhold videos…we better vote now,” Rev. Barber said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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3 thoughts on “Roland Martin & Rev. William Barber Talk North Carolina Voter Suppression

  1. TopSarge98 on said:

    Thank you Rev. Barber seems like all the big name Pastors are so quiet for encouraging their members to get out and vote….This month should be a full court press in our communities!

  2. Since 2008 when Barack H. Obama won the election-the GOP has been on a mission to stifle the minority vote.

    They came up with the bogus “Voter ID” mess when there was no need for it. The only thing you had to show was your “voters registration card.” Now, you need a State issued Photo ID.

    I have always had a State Photo ID so this was no issue with me. However, it may be an issue for those who are elderly or disabled or unable to obtain the documents needed in order to obtain the State ID.

    The only FRAUD being perpetrated is the one by the GOP–to squash our Votes and get CHUMP elected!!!!!!

    That is not what a true Democracy is all about-it is a PLUTOCRACY.
    The GOP is so full of s–t it is terrible.

    As always God will have the last word!!!!!!!!!!
    He will control the outcome of Novembers Election-not the People!!!!!!!!

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