HONOLULU (AP) — The Navy has investigated the case of a sailor who didn’t salute as the national anthem played during a recent morning flag-raising at Pearl Harbor.


U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Senior Chief Petty Officer Joel Cesar said Tuesday it’s up to the sailor’s commander whether she faces any punishment for not saluting on Sept. 19.

The sailor is Petty Officer 2nd Class Janaye Ervin, an intelligence specialist in the Navy Reserve. She was recently in Hawaii for about two weeks for an exercise.

Erwin is assigned to the Navy Operational Support Center at North Island, California. The command didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment. Erwin didn’t respond to a message sent to a Facebook account in her name. A phone number for her was not listed.

The sailor’s failure to salute comes after San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick received national attention when he refused to stand for the anthem before NFL preseason games earlier this year. He cited racial injustice and police brutality among the reasons for his actions.


Since then, other athletes all over the U.S. have engaged in their own protests during the anthem.




The Navy’s protocol handbook says sailors in uniform must salute during the anthem. They must also face the flag, or if a flag is not visible, sailors are required to face the direction of the music.

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(Photo Source: AP, Twitter/Facebook)

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24 thoughts on “Navy Investigates Sailor Who Didn’t Salute National Anthem

  1. If Ms. Ervin played in the NFL for a living, she could definitely decide not to stand during the national anthem. However, when you take that oath with any of the U.S. Armed Forces, you must follow their guidelines. For all intents and purposes, they own you. If you decide to do things your own way, or “express yourself” (no matter how strongly you feel), they can be quite nasty in getting their point across. Unfortunately, this may only be the beginning of how the Navy will respond to your decision to disobey.

  2. CiscoKid on said:

    All this support for a soldier in uniform who shows disrespect for the country she swore to protect is overwhelming! How many of you supported Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling (Camp Lejeune) when she was court-martialed for having a Bible verse on her computer? The Black America Web article must have been taken down already because I can’t find it. Thank you.

  3. When you join the military it is your duty to uphold the the oath of the country. You may not agree with what is going on but she signed up for this. Do her job or fine something else to do. I’m am a black Army veteran who also don’t like our black folks getting killed by the po folks.

  4. I agree, she will be court martialed and I feel sorry for her because the sad fact of the matter is. It’s white privilege that allows white americans to think it is okay to disrespect the Commander in Chief by calling him everything except Mr. President, shooting first and worrying it about it later. And actually, are having open dialogue giving their opinions in the work place about black lives. It is out of control!!!! People are tired and hurting and if something doesnt change it will only get worse.

    • Something does need to change sista’. For one month period, why don’t we try complying with an Officers orders and see if shootings decline. I know this goes against the victim mentality, but what do we have to lose?

      Holla’ at the Scholar

  5. Now that I know the true words of this song meaning the verse we never was told about or heard. I stand in support of the protest. Sorry that they will deal with her for being in uniform but I respect her. People dont respect the President but your mad about flag. Call that man President not by his name. Thats why all of this is going on, the disrespect of black people . Blacks built this United States.

  6. eranedit2 on said:

    Police take an oath and are sworn to uphold laws, but the don’t. They shoot first and ask questions later. If non-blacks were being killed at the rate and for the same reasons non-whites are, then it would be a problem. IJS. Not a racist, a Military Veteran stating facts. Now what????

  7. It’s one thing for Colin K to not salute the flag. Apparently, the NFL has not taken issue with his protest but in the military that’s a another issue. Not saluting the flag could or maybe grounds for a court martial and receiving a dishonorable discharge. Either way it could wreck a promising career for this young woman.

  8. Throw her ass OUT!! The military is not the place to voice your protests,
    Just like someone getting upset at a policeman protesting for Blue Lives Matter
    or any fallen comrade

  9. Screw the national anthem and the American Flag!!!!!!!!!

    The only reason why the Navy is investigating this is they are deeming her UN-PATRIOTIC!!!!!
    Why should any persons of color be in Love with a country that does not LOVE US BACK?????

    I refused to stand for the Pledge of Alligence when I was in high school and also refused to salute that damn flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My sentiments towards Amerykah have not changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!—BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!!!

      • Cynthia Riddle on said:

        Not sure where your comment comes from…perhaps you did not read the story before you commented. This is not about HER being a racist. It’s about her taking a stand. She wants to protest against bigotry. Kneeling or not standing for the anthem is not a sign of bigotry. What I find interesting is that people get angry when there are violent protests (and they should), they also get upset with silent protest. I am beginning to think that there are some people who just don’t want protest at all. There are those who want people to go on as if life is grand. Well, the times of the 50’s and 60’s are long gone. We are dealing with a whole different generation. A generation of young black men and women who will not stand by and continue to be mistreated. I may not agree with the method, but I sure understand!

      • Yeah. Unless the mistreatment is coming from other blacks. Which is why for me, all this grandstanding totally meaningless. I’ve never been treated worse by any other race of people than I have been treated by other blacks. No one has worked harder to make my life a living hell than the people I live among. And I know I’m not alone. I’m just one of the few is not afraid to not be led by the nostrils or influenced by the pack mentality. All this bravery and national pride, and not one knee bend, not one fist raised in the air, not one butt cheek resting on a bench and not one protest or riot condemning the treatment of our black men, women and children by the very people who claim to care so much about them. This has been going on forever, and she just now decides to sit on her ass? Next thing you know, she’ll be recording a rap song or Beyawnce will be hauling her up on stage for a tribute.

    • CiscoKid on said:

      So why do you still live in this evil, racist, bigoted, country that you hate so virulently? I’d think you would have moved someplace else by now.

  10. This is HUGE! She is definitely sacrificing herself for the “cause” and the sad thing is, I think her sacrifice will be in vain. This issue must be addressed from many fronts and I don’t know if everyone will be willing to do their part. Bottom line, as a Navy seaman, she is held by a different standard of law, military law or the UCMJ, and she will definitely be court-martialed.

    • PJ I agree. We as soldiers have our opinion just like any American, but as a Soldier, Airman, Marine, and Sailor we took a oath to this country and Apart of that oath came with a set laws, a set of standard and a set rules we must follow.

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