CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Angry Charlotte residents verbally lashed City Council members for hours, complaining about what they called unaccountable police officers and civilian leaders who have failed to force change as the city marked a week of protests since a police officer fatally shot a black man.

At its Monday night meeting, the council opened the floor to dozens of residents who voiced their opinions about the Sept. 20 shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. Many called on Mayor Jennifer Roberts, Police Chief Kerr Putney and other council members to resign on the seventh day of protests since the shooting.

“It’s going to be rough in these streets until you give justice to our people,” said the Rev. Milton Williams, the final speaker in a three-hour string. “Our city’s in an uproar, and you did not respond.”

Many of the speakers carried signs expressing their anger. One man’s sign called for the repeal of legislation taking effect on Saturday blocking the release of police video without a court order. Many speakers demanded that police release all video footage of the confrontation.

Scott’s family and advocacy groups complain that the department divulged only about three minutes of footage from two cameras. They have urged the police department to release all other video footage it has, as well as audio recordings of communications that could clarify how the situation unfolded. A media coalition is also requesting more footage.

“We have no reason to trust you, and you’re giving us even less,” Khasha Harris told City Council members.

Some speakers brought their children, not only to share in the moment, but in several instances, to address the council. Many in the crowd were brought to tears by the comments of Zianna Oliphant, a child who needed a stool to be seen over the lectern.

“It’s a shame that our fathers and brothers are killed and we can’t see them anymore,” Zianna said. “It’s a shame that we have to go through that graveyard and bury him. We need our fathers and brothers to be by our side.”

Council member Kenny Smith said the council should be listening and taking action to answer the concerns.

“The unrest here has been decades in the making,” council member Al Alston said. “Tuesday was the boiling point, and it’s getting hotter.”

The footage released so far of Scott’s shooting left questions in many people’s minds — including whether he was holding a gun, as police have stated. Scott’s family said he didn’t have a weapon. The footage includes body camera video from one officer, but not the black officer who fatally wounded Scott.

The gun recovered at the scene of Scott’s shooting had been stolen and later sold to Scott, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police source told The Associated Press on Monday. The source insisted on speaking anonymously because the State Bureau of Investigation continues to look into the case. SBI Agent Erik Hooks declined comment when asked whether the gun had been stolen.

At a rally at a downtown church, North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber said federal authorities should investigate the city’s police department. Police officers who fail to operate their body cameras during an encounter should be prosecuted, Barber said.

Six people were fatally shot since body cameras were given to all patrol officers about a year ago. But the officers who fired the fatal shots in five of those cases — including Scott’s — weren’t using the cameras.

Charlotte police didn’t respond Monday to requests for information about those cases.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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11 thoughts on “Charlotte City Council Blasted Over Police Shooting Reaction

  1. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Wow now the details are coming out the wife had a restraining order against this guy because he threatened to kill her with the stolen gun they found on him. So all these people running out to make a saint out of this idiot please have a seat. We dont need thugs like this beating on women by anyone’s side or to be any type of role model in our communities.

    • Again, the racist, liberal narrative is destroyed by facts. Reading a book, I still laugh at loud at that one. When we gonna learn Peeps? Are we?

  2. I wonder if anyone has let little Zianna in on the fact that all those trips to the graveyard to bury their brothers and fathers have very little to do with the police or the city council, and unless her parents and others like them start making changes, she can forget about “brothers and fathers being by their sides”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a passel of people storming the city council chambers demanding change to stop the hundreds of killings a year of people in the hood by people in the hood. And I’m not talking about felons riding around with stolen guns. I’m talking about children slaughtered while sitting on their front porches, or riding bikes. Babies being killed sleeping in their beds. Children being led into alleys and shot in retaliation for things their parents have done. If she brought the mob to tears with her “we need our brothers and fathers by our sides” speech, maybe someone can take her to the next meeting and prop her up to give that speech.

  3. The funny thing about all of this is that they were supposed to be serving a warrant to someone else. Do we even remember that just a little while ago a terrorist was having a shootout with police and seemed to get shot in the leg and make it to the police station safely. Someone can kill 9 people in a church and be taken to Burger King. What happened to due process? The police have become Judge, Jury, and executioner but only in select cases. We always talk about what African American people are supposed to do when encountering police but what about the police’s actions? That is never addressed. We give them a way out every time. Do we hold some responsibility in our communities, absolutely, but to not have the same standard for everyone is ridiculous. We can go through an entire list of people that have been killed and have been demonized after they are dead. It’s unreal.

    • CiscoKid on said:

      What is more unreal is that black criminals are turned into heroes and canonized after they’ve been shot by the police. And police actions are ‘never addressed?’ Are you serious?

    • Most of these thugs demonize themselves and their neighborhoods well before they are killed. Now get to steppin’, no tolerance for your victim mentality here bro-bro

  4. CiscoKid on said:

    If Mr. Scott didn’t have a gun, then why was he acting like he did? All he had to do was drop whatever he was holding, whether it was a book or a gun. Why didn’t he? If his hands were empty, all he had to do was show them to the police and let them know that, but he didn’t. Why not? Just because it cannot be clearly and obviously seen in the video that he is holding a gun doesn’t mean he didn’t have one. The police chief said as much before the video was even released. (By the way, has his wife explained why she kept telling him, “Don’t do it, Keith?”) What can be clearly seen in the video is the gun holster on his right ankle. If he didn’t have a gun, then why wear a holster? I feel for the Scott family. It is terrible that their loved one died this way but based on ALL the evidence available, it was his own fault.

  5. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    It is very hypocritical that the people in Charlotte are going to city council to protest, when this man was a convicted felon and wasn’t supposed to have a weapon. He had a very violent criminal past and was in prison. Obviously he didn’t learn anything cause he ends up with a weapon and a stolen weapon at that! Now if he had robbed one of these very people that are protesting or killed someone they wouldn’t be there! African American community fix our communities first then go to city hall. His wife is a hypocrite as well she knew he had a gun and wasn’t supposed to have it did she stop him NO!

    • Hell to the Naw. Testify RIC, testify my brother.
      Bout’ time we started addressing our systemic issues and not playing the fool azz victim like ST.

    • mrknowitall on said:

      Mrs. Perry is an affirmative action graduate, therefore her title las little to no meaning in life. Also, Mrs. Perry reminds me of Rachel Dolazel.

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