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BALTIMORE (AP) — Three gunmen shot and wounded eight people including a 3-year-old girl on an east Baltimore street Saturday night, police said, adding the suspects fled and the victims were all expected to survive.

The shooting erupted outside some rowhouses about 8:30 p.m. after the three armed men converged on the group from different points, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said at a news conference.

Davis, who went to the scene, said the shooting was a premeditated act of retaliatory violence in response to a Labor Day weekend shooting in which a man was fatally shot and two women were wounded, one of them pregnant. He did not immediately explain how investigators believed the shootings were linked.

Davis said the victims could have recognized the gunmen but authorities haven’t immediately been able to identify the suspects and were still searching for them hours afterward.

According to the commissioner, one of the armed men emerged from an alley and two others ran down the street, stopping just short of the victims before they opened fire. He added that the 3-year-old girl and her father were standing a slight distance away from the others and that the child was not an intended target.

Authorities have said one of the attackers had a shotgun and the other two had handguns.

Davis said that in addition to the girl, one of the victims was a woman and the rest were men. The adults ranged in age from 26 to 39.

Baltimore Police Spokesman T.J. Smith tweeted earlier that none of the injuries was life-threatening.

Police cordoned off at least three city blocks late Saturday and were keeping bystanders away as the police commissioner stood with detectives at the scene. Nearby, detectives used flashlights to search overgrown grass in an alley near the shooting scene. Police cars also blocked a nearby intersection.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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9 thoughts on “Baltimore Police: 3 Gunmen Shoot, Wound 8 In Attack

  1. You ignorant ass people fall prey every time to the misdirect! Black on black or what ever race in race, is gonna continue til the end of time. That’s called crime dummies! The problem is our tax dollars are paying these racist ass cops salaries to kill my people! These are paid public servants dummies! Wake the fuck up!! Blacks are being killed by these racist ass cops but when white people commit mass murder they go to Burger King or they get apprehended! They live to make to trial! Stop being fooled by the misdirected answers and excuses for a cop shooting and in armed black man or a black man or kid that posed no threat! The white cop in Tulsa should die a terrible death just like the black man she shot. But that bitch is gonna get off with no time served! Hope somebody kill someone close to her ass!!👮🏻🔫💯

    • African American Woman on said:

      Hmmmm Terry, do you really think that folks who have long rap sheets and multiple run ins with the police pay taxes? I doubt it. Anyway, like I always say-let black men kill other black men unchecked and you won’t need any “ignorant, racist ass white cops” because we’ll finish the job for them.

    • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

      Terry- you are misinformed black on black crime isnt to disregard the shootings of black men. But it is hypocritical that you didnt mention the black cop in Charlotte that shot the black man who had a weapon and was high, not to mention a convicted felon. So let me get this straight. If a black man robs you or kills your family member that is ok because it is black on black crime. So if the same black man is killed by a white police officer because he refuses to drop the same gun he robbed or killed your family with its wrong? Get the H out of here, you are demented. We want police to stop shooting black men who cant obey the law and follow directions but turn a blind eye when they kill other back men in the community do you actually see how demented you sound?

      • African American Woman on said:

        AMEN! All the whining in the world won’t change a thing until we black folks do some collective introspection, get honest and make some real changes about who we are, what we stand for, how we act and what we do. We can NEVER hold anyone accountable for not valuing our lives when we don’t!!!! Just like responsibilityincontrol said, and I quote, “DEMENTED!

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Responsibilityincontrol, you are absolutely correct, but if you say that to a BLM believer, they will say you’re mixing apples and oranges…this is ludicrous and such a hard slap in the face of our fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, etc…the ones who calmly and peacefully protested real and pervasive racism, segregation and injustice and were attached by police, police dogs, water hoses, lynched, killed, bombed and the list goes on. Never once did those people turn and murder one another….they stood together for the common good of all black people. These folks today are an embarrassment and the total opposite of what our ancestors worked and fought to hard for. Seeing this kind of violence, is against us with no regard for human life, makes me so angry I want to cry. These thugs either die or go to jail for what? Over some land of stuff the taxpayers probably own or bought anyway??? Man, people, we got to do better. We can NEVER expect the police, other righteous black people or any other race, group or whatever people to respect and care for our lives when we don’t give a flying f**k!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with us??? You say poverty? There are many, many of us who’ve worked out asses off to scramble out of that barrel and we didn’t look for handouts…bad homes you say; many of us took the turn to a better life-its takes resolution not joining gangs and taking the next man’s life…we need to leave the gov’t handouts alone-they promote genertaional dependence, lack of responsibility, irresponsibility, laziness and a one more reason to sit around and do nothing. We also need to take our money, which is our power, and build an infrastructure of us- our businesses, our banks, our stores, etc…and make our people our priority. If not, this same crap will continue on…don’t worry BLM…at this rate, in a few years there won’t be any more black men left for the cops to kill.

    • 100% correct African American Woman. Marching, protesting, looting, burning, sitting, kneeling, dancing in water and raised fists in protest of blacks being killed by white cops, and ignoring the hundreds of blacks being killed by other blacks on a daily basis is like stamping out a fire in an ashtray while the entire damned house burns to the ground.

  3. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    BLM? Care to go there and protest? Why will no one from BLM show up when its black on black crime? I guess since there is not a white officer involved so BLM just turns a blind eye.
    I’m starting to get it black people can kill and shoot at each other thats ok, white police officers cannot participate. SMDH @ BLM!!!!!!!!!

    This is the very crime that we should be outraged about and line the streets to bring these street cowards to justice we shake our heads at this and move on but burn the city down over a thug who ran from cops selling drugs!

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