MIDDLE RIVER, Md. (AP) — Baltimore County officials say a man who fought with police officers over the weekend has died at a hospital.

Tawon Boyd, 21, was injured in the Sunday confrontation outside his home in Middle River and taken to the hospital, where he died Wednesday.

Police officials said in a news release that an autopsy will determine a cause of death. A lawyer for Boyd’s family told The Baltimore Sun that his kidneys and heart failed.

Attorney Latoya Francis-Williams and Boyd’s grandmother, Linda Burch, told the Sun that police used too much force to restrain him. Burch lives with her grandson’s family and witnessed the encounter.

“Mr. Boyd was in need of medical attention and the police responded with violence,” Francis-Williams said.

The police and fire departments will conduct an administrative review. The police department’s homicide unit, which reviews deaths involving police, has begun its investigation.

Police say officers went to the scene Sunday after receiving 911 calls at 3:09 a.m. reporting a disturbance and found a man and a woman screaming at each other. Police say the woman, who was Boyd’s girlfriend, had called 911, and said he had been acting “crazy” and was on drugs and alcohol. Police say Boyd appeared “confused and paranoid, sweating heavily.”

Police say he tried to get in several marked police cars and banged on the doors of neighbors’ homes. According to a copy of a police report obtained by WBAL-TV, Boyd yelled, “Help. Call the police.” Police say they tried to talk to him and decided to take him to a hospital for an emergency evaluation. They said he wouldn’t obey orders to get on the ground and put his hands behind his back, and began fighting officers, injuring three of them.

“He was just hollering and screaming on the ground, and they just kept pushing him down, pushing him down, on his shoulder and back and stuff, hitting him,” Burch said to the Sun. “He was trying to get them off of him.”

One officer wrote in a police report obtained by the Sun that he punched Boyd twice because Boyd was hanging onto him. The officers said they restrained Boyd by holding him down with their arms and body weight. The police statement said Boyd “violently confronted police and emergency medical providers.”

Medics were called during the struggle, police said. They arrived about 3:30 a.m. and administered something calm to Boyd, but the treatment was blacked out in the police report, the Sun reported. Police officials said medical privacy laws prevent them from releasing what it was.

Police said Boyd became calm, and an officer asked a medic to check his pulse. Boyd was breathing and had a heartbeat as he was put in a fire department ambulance, police said.

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(Photo Source: CBS Baltimore)

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12 thoughts on “Man Dies 3 Days After Fight With Police Officers

  1. they always say acting erractic, yet I just watched a dash cam video from a police vehicle where a Caucasian male continuously disregarded police orders with gun in hand in the middle of the street walked back to his truck loaded the gun then started shooting it out with them. black man broke down in street walks to truck unarmed shot and killed, black man calls for help gets beat by police and dies. And people have the nerve to say we are getting killed because they are in fear of their lives. Well change jobs.

    • I read that Mee Maw said the police used “too much force” to restrain him. What do you expect her say? Maybe next time one of her grandchildren go off the deep end, she’ll give them a hug and a peck on the cheek instead of calling the police and all will be well.

  2. The same ol’ “Justification”: …”Wouldn’t obey orders”…”Was acting erratic and wildly”…”was behaving in a threatening behavior”…”Was on drugs and alcohol”, etc.,….Yep, the “universal explaination” to kill a Black man.

    • “Wouldn’t obey orders”… “Was acting erratic and wildly”… “was behaving in a threatening behavior”…Was on drugs and alcohol”. ect.,…Yep the “universal explanation” for why his woman had to call the police. If he was so calm, under control and non violent, why couldn’t she just talk him down and feed him a nice steak dinner? I have a feeling that if he was in kidney and heart failure, it was due to the drugs in his system, and perhaps whatever the paramedics administered to calm him down may have interacted badly with whatever he had ingested. If you’re dealing with a deranged lunatic and you want to make sure he gets the kid glove treatment, handle him/her yourself. Don’t call the cops.

      • Kates1221, I just want to advise you that punching a person in the kidneys, and placing enough pressure on the diaphram that the lungs cannot expand will also cause the above listed conditions also. Let’s just call a spade a spade. the cops beat this young man to death, they kept throwing him down and placing pressure on his back so his lungs could not expand to give him oxygen, so naturally his heart stopped. The police will not tell you the truth, if this individual was acting so erractilly why, did they not utilize the proper procedures? Ask the police why did they not use the proper procedures?

      • I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were there. I wasn’t there, that why I said I have a feeling about what happened. But, if you say the cops beat him to death, I guess they did. I stand corrected.

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