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9/19/16- Roland Martin recaps President Obama’s last speech at the Congressional Black Caucus with interim Democratic chair Donna Brazile.

“He made it very clear that his legacy is on the ballot this year. And more importantly he made it very clear that he wants Hillary Clinton to occupy the White House next year,” Brazile said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.


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2 thoughts on “Donna Brazile Dissects POTUS’ Last Speech At CBC

  1. It also amazes me that when the DNC wants our vote, they parade Blacks as if it were Showtime at the Apollo. During the rest of the year, not one word is ever spoken regarding Black anything. I know the President is the President of all people but Obama could have spoken out on our issues. He was adamant about same sex everything although most of the AA community frowns on such life styles. If some were not looking closely he would have given the Hispanics the same rights as taxpaying America citizens. Don’t he didn’t try.

  2. President Barack H. Obama’s legacy may be on the line-however, HRC is not deserving of the minority vote-whether it be African Americans or Latinos.

    Hillary is qualified as far as handling of foreign policy is concerned. However, if she is elected
    as Prez she needs to realize that not all Arab and Asian countries are as tolerant of females in Power-so she will no doubt meet with male resistance and ugliness.

    As for the rest of the job-Hill just wants to be the First Female President, plain and simple!

    Why do you think she has stayed with her hound-dawg Bill for all these years and through all his outside affairs!!!!

    She only STOOD BY HER MAN FOR ONE REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    While I love President Obama madly-I must disagree with him regarding his legacy being based on whether or not HRC becomes the next POTUS.

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