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Another day, another cop not being held accountable for using excessive force.

The white South Carolina police officer who caused national outrage after he hurled a Black female high school student over a desk will not face criminal charges, the New York Daily News reported.

On Friday, Solicitor Dan Johnson said that assault at Spring Valley High school looked “worse on video” and that he found no “probable cause” to charge Ben Fields.


Last October when a female student refused to surrender her phone, Fields wrapped his arms around the petite student’s neck, flipped her over the desk and dragged her along the floor. He later handcuffed her. Another student Niya Kenny stepped in trying to defend her classmate and was later arrested and released on a $1,000 bond. Her charges were also dropped on Friday. 

The 12-page report prepared by prosecutors consisted of medical records and interviews and statements from over a dozen witnesses, including Fields, who seemed to have no regrets for how he violently addressed the student.

“I realized that I was going to have to physically remove the student from her seat to effectuate her arrest,” he said, blaming the student for why the desk flipped over because her legs were wrapped around it, the Daily News noted. However, Fields’ supervisor wasn’t pleased with his employee’s behavior, firing him two days later and even called the FBI and the Justice Department to look into the incident. 

Prosecutor Johnson agreed with Fields firing, but stressed that moving forward both schools and police need to have deeper conversations about how deputies should be used in schools and the need for special training, WZZM News wrote

Of course, this news of Fields not being charged was met with a lot of pushback:


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26 thoughts on “Ex-South Carolina Cop Won’t Face Criminal Charges For Hurling Black Student Over Desk

  1. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    RENO2AC, the point here is that the student was being defiant and did not want to listen to simple instructions are you missing that point. There was not an unreasonable request made on the part of the teacher or the officer. So you are saying that we just allow this type of student behavior to continue? Other kids are in the class and they have to deal with a student who clearly has not an ounce of parenting and wants to do things their way. So lets take time out so we can cater to this unruly student.

    And secondly I agree with “kates” it wouldn’t be my child on a video because they are taught what is right and wrong and to respect their teachers and police officers not that they have to agree with it but respect them and bring it to our attention and we as parents will handle the situation from there – no cursing involved. Simply put if she has given the teacher the phone as requested she wouldn’t have gotten her a$$ tossed out the chair! Responsibility

    Stop with blaming things on economical issues her acting out in class now is brought about economical issues? But has nothing to do with parenting and listening to instructions? Seems as though if she wanted to do things her way she should have been home schooled and that way she can keep her ignorance confined at home!

    • You only saying that shit because it wasn’t your child! Please God don’t let some cracker or whom ever put their hands on my child! It will be the last time that shit happens! I don’t care how unruly my child is acting!

  2. Newsflash to those who feel as though what the police officer did was okay because of the “stank” attitude of the student: You cannot put your hands on other people’s children! Do you get it? Unfortunately, a lot of teenagers have “stank” attitudes…black teenagers, white teenagers, ones from two-parent households, single parent households, financially stable households, poverty stricken households. Teenagers’ “stank” attitudes transcend race and soci-economics. Yes, she was being defiant, but being defiant doesn’t mean that an adult male was supposed to touch her in that manner, unless she was being physically aggressive. And, to people like “kates,” you would be the first person at the school cussing someone out if that was a video of YOUR child.

  3. Harold white on said:

    You racist KKK white people need to stay off of this vine. These are some of the most racist comments that I have ever encountered. The only time you interact with ANY Black people is your vile racist , snake comments

    • Harold, I have emailed TJ multiple times about the racist trolls on this site, and asked why are they permitted to continuously spew their garbage when I was “blocked” from commenting on articles written by Tonya Pendleton when I made a negative comment about her writing skills. Go figure.

  4. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Again a clear example of defiance and failure to listen to directions plain and simple.
    The teacher asked for the phone student was defiant and refused that is the fault of the student.
    Cop was called to assist the student again refused that is the fault of the student.
    The cop removed her from the classroom due to her not refusing, again that is her fault.

    We are supposed to be upset that she got her a$$ tossed out the chair because she was defiant to the teacher and a police office I think NOT. Surely she was not afraid of any consequences at home for acting out in school so she did what she wanted but this taught her a lesson she got the bad part of the deal.

    This girl was in full control of her actions and only she is responsible for the outcome of her actions and this situation. There are other students in the class that are now having to deal with a student who has no manners or any respect. He lost his job over a disrespectful child that doesn’t know how to follow directions is sad, should he be charged absolutely not.

    • Now she knows the only people who’ll put up with her bulls**t is her family. He did exactly what he supposed to do. Of course, he could have just asked her politely to get up, and when she refused, just shrugged his shoulders and told the teacher “well, I tried”. You couldn’t pay me the lottery to be a teacher or a police officer.

      • Actually, you’re wrong. She was not being physically aggressive. She did not touch him. He was supposed to get fired. As a 20 year employee of one of the largest school districts in my state, you have to understand what you are permitted to do and not do to children. Corporal punishment is against the law in Ohio, so if would suffice to say that you cannot “takedown” a female student who is not posing a known threat. Now, if she had jumped up out of her seat as if to attack him and posed a physical threat to him, he would have been within his rights to take her down. However, being defiant, but not violent, there’s a difference, folks, does not warrant a takedown. We have clear established policies in our district on takedowns. Our staff are trained on how to properly perform a takedown and when a takedown is necessary. Our special education staff who work with Emotionally Disturbed and Severe Behavior students are trained every year because these particular students are oftentimes violent, so a takedown is warranted, but not in this case.

  5. One thing I can say. We don’t have any problems out of the police in Dallas! 😜 Go figure that one out! I’ll wait! Exactly!!👮🏻🔫 By any means necessary! 🔫

    • The only problems we have in Dallas are Negroes with felony records leading other sheep by the nose. Of course a felon with a record of aggravated assault of a child of two, forgery, leading the police on a high speed chase and numerous other charges would be against the police. The noble leader of the negro activists is now serving jail time after violating parole. And if you are referring to the tragic loss of four innocent DPD officers killed by a deranged, black coward while protecting the very people who were protesting against them, if you honestly think that one coward, (who, by the way, was blown to bits for thinking he could call the shots in Dallas, Texas,) are cowed by the actions of negroes roaming the streets and waiving signs with misspelled word, I’d strongly advise you not to try breaking the law in this city. Don’t mess with Texas.

      • The police in Dallas do not fuck with us on any dumb shit. Because they may have to blow some more of us up. But one thing for sure, their not fucking with us negros for the hell of it! Again, go figure! And yes some more 👮🏻 will go just like the first 5!!💯👌🏾

      • Well kates1221 one black life for 5 or six racist ass cops, ain’t bad odds!!👌🏾👮🏻🔫 Lets see who gives up first!

    • The majority of white children are raised in stable 2 parent households, and taught to respect authority and take responsibility for their actions. The majority of black children, 74%, are raised by single hood rat baby mamas. Their in lies the difference

  6. It amazes me how the both of you make a comment that is clearly racist and then you don’t show a pic of yourself with your racist comment ! Lmao!! Cowards ! lol lol

  7. Mac Ben on said:

    She should have stood her monkey-a s s up and complied…; probably got her loud mouth and stank attitude from her rotten-a s s mammy.

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