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Two former Tennessee school guards claim they were fired because they’re white – not because they tackled a pregnant teenager. According to WBRCHenry Todd and Richard Pinner are now suing Shelby County Schools and their case is going to trial.

In 2013, the former Northwest Prep Academy school guards were caught on tape using excessive force to take down a 17-year-old pregnant student. They claim they were justified in doing so because she was resisting arrest. The surveillance footage shows the teen snacking on something before guards tried to a grab her wrist. As she tries to run off, both officers bear-hug her before pressing her against the floor, the New York Daily News described

Not sure the teenager needed to be tackled, and the school agreed. Todd and Pinner were fired shortly afterwards. 

However, in court on Monday, a teacher testified that he heard the school’s principal say, “If those white officers hurt my black babies, I’m going to have them fired,” WBRC noted. 

Uh huh. Sure.

The former principal testified that these allegations are not true and that the guards were not discriminated against. 

PHOTO: Commercial Appeal Screenshot

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17 thoughts on “White Officers Fired After Tackling Pregnant Student Claim Racial Discrimination

    • What if it were your pregnant wife you racist piece of shit I’m so sick of you white motherfucker is acting like you’re so damn better than every damn body else is fun when is that our expense is it in let’s see what happens but it happens to you motherfuckers bitch fuck you and your ignorant response

  1. Deanice on said:

    People are missing the point. She was standing there very quietly eating something. There was no visible reason for those two security guards to force her and her baby to the ground. She’s a woman and a pregnant woman at that. No man should put his hands on her to physically to do bodily harm. Those security guards were wrong and they deserve to be fired. They will thing twice before they lay hands on another young woman.

    • Absolutely, I agree! Even if she allegedly used file language while eating her snack doesn’t give them the right to attack. Legally she does have the right to sue on two counts, herself and her baby! And will probably win based on this video seeing that we can hear what was going on!

  2. redbone1954 on said:

    I am trying to understand what she did to deserve being tackled to the ground. She was pregnant and was eating something because he was possibily hungary? Wow I hope the Black principal did fire them because if she was white and there was a white principal you can best believe they would have been gone and facing jail time

    • I would like to know what she did as well, I’m sure not understanding the reason from watching the clip. However my biggest problem with her is why would you jeopardize the health and safety of your child just comply. It’s like a dash cam video I saw where a woman holding a baby injected herself between cops in a heated struggle with her boyfriend who was being arrested for robbery WTF

  3. Law suits to go all the way around I guess? I know 17 yro baby mama will soon need money
    and as for the FORMER principle, with comments like that I guess that’s why it’s “former”

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