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Power Season 3What hasn’t gone wrong for James ‘Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) this season? He’s estranged from his wife AND his girlfriend. His homie, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) doesn’t truly trust him. His son Tariq, (Michael Rainey, Jr.) hates him.

The security guard, Dean, (Callan Mulvey) who saved his life, turns out to be a Serbian drug lord. His protegè, Andre (Rotimi) is being pressured to set him up. And Kanan (Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson) wants him dead by any means necessary. And the sad thing is – there are only three episodes left, which means Starz is going to leave us hanging until the writers figure out how to wrap all this up in Season 4. Whoever does scheduling for Starz shows definitely needs to be whacked.

So what’s a guy to do? He’s pretty much between a rock and an even harder place, but despite his cold-as-ice exterior, Ghost is both vulnerable and scared. This episode, “Don’t Go” starts off with Ghost in bed with Angela, telling her he loves her. Angela, wearing a pretty amazing piece of lingerie, tells him she knows. Just when you think it’s another hot love scene, you see it’s just Ghost alone in bed, missing the love he’s pushed away to save her life.

Milan/Dean, who somehow makes Kanan look lightweight, quickly lets Tommy and Ghost know he’s serious with his, killing a disobedient associate in front of them. He orders Ghost to start selling drugs out of his clubs and for Tommy to get his drug-moving priest to stop selling guns to the Albanians. He calls them the N-word. (There is so much segregation in the criminal world. Would the world be a better place if criminals of all ethnicities do crime together? Apparently, separatism is the criminal code.)

Ghost is shook. But for some reason, Tommy is defiant and doesn’t care what Milan has to say. He plans to run his business the way he wants to. Ghost is surprised, to say the least, by Tommy’s no f’s to give attitude considering that Milan has no issue with dropping bodies.

Angela (Lela Loren) has her own problems. Fresh off of crying to Paz (Elizabeth Rodriquez) about Ghost, she’s summoned to the office. Summoned, as in her coworker comes to the crib to escort her in. The ominous sounding Office Of Personal Responsibility has descended on the Attorney’s office and Angela’s been brought in to answer questions along with the Lobos task force. Uh-oh. Sandoval (David Fumero) thinks he’s going to be investigating along with the OPR tag team, but nope. He’s being investigated, too.

During questioning, which is conducted by a steely woman named MJ and her Columbo-like associate (only oldheads will get that reference, but for the youngins, he seems like one of those guy who knows all about you before you say anything) we find out a few things. Saxe (Shane Johnson) has some kind of shady personal life, although apparently not anything that would keep him from being a Fed. Lobos is really dead (sorry for those who thought he might reappear) and that everybody’s willing to throw Angela under the bus, with Greg (Andy Bean) as the driver.

Tasha’s got some homegrown problems. Tariq is feeling himself. He’s still upset about the Knicks game being cancelled. If only he knew he almost lost more than a game that night, but you can’t tell kids everything. He’s decided that he hates therapy, his father and anything that his mother wants him to do. So once again, he smarts off to Tasha and when she goes to slap the taste out of his mouth, he blocks her hand. I’m sure every mother in the world whose son has grown taller than she is and thinks that means he can jump bad, wanted to hop into the TV to smack Tariq on Tasha’s behalf. Tasha stops herself from throwing Tariq out of the nearest window and calls Ghost.

Angela and Tommy are the surprises of this episode because the both of them are in survival mode this week. Tommy pays a visit to the priest and tells him to stop selling guns to the Albanians. Angela finally gets a clue that Ghost had a hand in the Lobos murder. She calls the Odette Hotel to confirm her theory and then goes to confront Tasha, asking her to admit she provided Ghost’s alibi. Oh, no bish, you didn’t expect Tasha to cooperate when she’s got everything to lose, did you?

Instead, Tasha backs Angela down by playing on the fear every side chick turned main chick has – that the man realizes he made a mistake. She basically tells Angela that she and Ghost were together – and very much so together  – at the hotel. Tasha does a great job, but Angela’s wising up. And she must really like her job because by now, she might as well go all the way to the dark side with all the s–t she’s done.

Kanan’s creeping around the club looking for Andre. Andre says he needs more time to see what Ghost is up to, and fortunately for him and his daughter, Kanan believes him. He goes off to kill an old lady for her apartment that apparently has some connection to he and Ghost’s shared past. Could we get Dean/Milan to serve Kanan for dinner first if the rumours about his cannibalism are true?

Andre’s way back in comes courtesy of an increasingly desperate Ghost himself who must find the money to appease Dean/Milan, who’s looking for a check by COB. But Ghost was about to close the Karen Bassett hotel deal before Dean/Milan messed up his money flow. You had to admire the ice-cold veins Ghost has when he tells Karen and her father there was a ‘unfortunate reversal’ – or some such BS and that they have to delay the deal. Guess ‘I’m being held hostage by a psychopathic Serbian’ didn’t have the nicest ring to it. In any case, Karen’s daddy is like ‘Ante up or no deal. I work with money, not promises.’

Ghost thinks he has a plan by trying to set Milan/Dean up for the murder of the waitress earlier in the season. (Just realizing that Ghost was right to fire Kantos, as it seems he had something to do with the Serbian infiltration.) But guess what, Ms. Tatiana is alive and well, or has an identical twin. Dang, Ghost is usually the master of the chess moves but it looks like Dean/Milan outmaneuvered him this time. And guess who’s coming to dinner? Can you believe the nerve of this dude, showing up at Ghost’s house with the previously dead waitress and faux friendship? This guy is creepy AF.

Let’s not forget Tariq. While mature, businessman James St. Patrick is trying to calmly explain to his son why smarting off to his mother was wrong, Tariq makes yet another bad decision by thinking he can get fresh off his lips to his father. Watching Omari flip from James to Ghost in front of his son was Omari’s best work this season. Kudos also to Michael Rainey, Jr. (who showed much promise as a child actor in the indie Luv with Common.) This kid has a future. But maybe not on Power, because it seems like Tariq’s getting set up to take a fall. I hope not. I’d love to see more of his realization that his daddy is not just a club owner. This show plays on a lot of father/son themes and in that moment, we sense a shift between these two.

If there wasn’t enough going on in this episode, we’ve got Tommy doing Irish therapy – which involves blackout drinking at Holly’s shallow grave by the river. Tasha accidentally spilled the info that Holly was pregnant. Tommy’s guilt is sad to see. Hopefully, the alcohol numbed him enough for what was to come – a beatdown by Dean/Milan’s men for disobeying Milan’s order to kill the drug-and-gun running priest. (Who really, probably deserves it.) But No F’s To Give Tommy wants to die and that makes him interesting to Milan/Dean.

Angela has decided to get the tire prints off her back and goes to Ghost to try to get him to admit that he lied to her about the Lobos murder. She wants to know how he knew where Lobos would be. Ghost plays dumb, but this new ’bout it Angela ain’t hearing it. Ghost throws her on the bed and just when you think this man believes he can solve anything they go through with sex, you realize he’s checking her for a wire. This is love?

Angela is like ‘You better find out who had the info then,’ and storms out. So much for romance.

I really don’t know how the Power folks are going to write Ghost out of all these damn problems. On the other hand if any Power fans ever watched Sons Of Anarchy, which this season of Power references in many ways, you know that the show’s anti-hero, Jax Teller, found his way out of the craziest things, usually with a gun at someone’s head. So I guess that’s why I’m recapping, not writing Power episodes, cause I don’t know what Ghost is going to do. Y’all got any suggestions?

Til next week. Stay Power hungry.

Quote of the Week: “I’m his wife and the mother of his kids. I never lost him. You were just a midlife crisis. Crisis over.” – Tasha

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