Faizon Love Blames Katt Williams’ Behavior On Being…Gay?



Comedian and actor Faizon Love is performing at the Arlington Improv this weekend, but before he takes the stage he talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Watch the video above to hear him blast comedians who talk against Kevin Hart and Nene Leakes‘ success and find out why he’s blaming Katt Williams‘ erratic behavior on his sexuality.

Watch part two below:


What do you think?

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19 thoughts on “Faizon Love Blames Katt Williams’ Behavior On Being…Gay?

  1. I think Katt is gay too. His hair, I’ve seen his nails painted, his diva personality, even his body type is feminine. He’s like 5’3 120 pounds at the most. He’s a girly man at the least.

  2. I kinda had a feeling about this long before Faizon love brought it up so wouldn’t be surprised if he was due to his perm and flamboyant wardrobe.

  3. Well Katt has tripped and made comments like this about others and other celebs as well. Katt is just getting his own medicine back from Faizon. If Katt can not take it, Katt should not dish it out.

  4. christina on said:

    How Can you Say katt is gay. FYI, I’ve NEVER Seen him play a Gay Role in a movie but you have & you played it very well.

  5. LWhite on said:

    That is so not cool Big Worm. How dare you out somebody else. If he is gay, that’s his business. Shame on Tom Joyner and the rest of the crew for laughing and not shutting him Faizon down. I know Katt Williams is going to come back so hard on Faizon.

  6. I hate when people try to front or speculate about someone else’s sexuality. First of all, stop hating. Secondly, if he is gay that is his business..not anyone else’s. And why are you mad? Are you interested in him? It just sounds like jealousy to me.

  7. MrsJones on said:

    Faizon Love appears to be a split second away from a fatal heart attack! I can’t ask what is eating him. It is too obvious that he is eating any and all kinds of shit and still hungry for the fame and notoriety that Katt Williams definitely has!

    • Pamela Jones on said:

      Right and on another note, he is one of those wanna be’s… his Black self trying to hate on Black culture while claiming I’m Cuban, FOHWTBS your ass is Black…Blacker than me dammit.Peace/\.

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