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If you need some news that will put a smile on your face, this one’s definitely for you: An 8-year-old has started his own bakery in hopes of buying his mother a house.

According to ABC 30 News, Jalen Bailey runs Jalen’s Bakery out of the “tiny” Fresno, California, home his single mother, Sharhonda Mahan, rents. All of Bailey’s baked goods — peanut butter cookies, banana nut muffins, vanilla cake in a jar — are made from scratch and range between $5 and $15.

Pretty affordable, huh? And even better: This baking whiz’s company is thriving. It has its own website and Bailey just attended his first professional networking event. 

So where did such a young boy get this kind of drive? Bailey says he’s just following in his mother’s entrepreneurial footsteps.

“I’ve had side businesses since I was 18 so I felt that it was something he needed to learn,” his proud mother said. “If he wanted to be an entrepreneur when he grows up or it’s something he wanted to do on the side.”

And this side hustle is exactly what he wants to do for the greater good of the family.

“I wanted to save up a lot of money to get a house. I just want one that me and my mom can be happy in,” Bailey told ABC 30.

Mahan admits hearing her son say that is a “little overwhelming” because it was something she wanted to do for him, but couldn’t. Yet, Bailey doesn’t view it that way. For him, every cookie is an act of love, straight from his heart. And after he buys her that house, he has bigger financial goals on the horizon, which include expanding his bakery nationally.

I said I wanted to be a millionaire. I thought that wasn’t possible but now I think it is,” Bailey said. 

Keep dreaming big, Jalen. We believe in you!

Want to help Jalen’s Bakery? Visit their GoFundMe page.

SOURCE: ABC 30 News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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4 thoughts on “8-Year-Old Boy Starts A Baking Company To Buy His Mom A House

  1. Daaiyah Shabazz on said:

    Oh my goodness, may he stay Blessed and Prosperous. He is using his talent, determination, and steadfastness to achieve an honorable goal. I wish other children had his wisdom and would stay focus on such a positive goal.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Awww such a sweet story, this does warm your heart. SN: if only I could get my offspring to bring me a glass of water, I would be doing great! lol.jk

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