Reality TV star Tiffany “New York” Pollard is being linked to the man responsible for murdering three police officers in Baton Rouge last week, before a SWAT team officer shot him dead. Gavin Long told friends and relatives that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, but he also called himself “super p*ssy.”

His claims to have had sexual relations with 75 women led The Daily Mail to go searching for images of some of these women. Surprisingly, Tiffany Pollard was one of them.

We can’t confirm that the two actually hooked up, but a photo of Pollard with her leg wrapped around the 29-year-old alleged murderer has resurfaced online. So far, New York has declined to comment on if she had a relationship with him.

As CNN reports, Sunday’s ambush of police by 29-year-old Long came nearly two weeks after a police officer shot and killed black Baton Rouge resident Alton Sterling on July 5. His death and a July 6 shooting of another black man by police in Minnesota ignited protests across the country. During one such protest, a gunman shot and killed five police officers in Dallas.

Really! They Dated?
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