…slowing the work for your liver. It allows your liver to do it’s job in making sure you don’t get too intoxicated too quickly.

4. Legumes

We all want to look our best and a lot of times, that means looking our slimmest. Once again, your diet can help.

Try to include legumes in meals leading up to the big day. They consist of amylose, which is a resistant starch. It is resistant to stomach acid and digestive enzymes and it reaches the large intestine essentially intact.

So it manages to escape digestion and absorption in the small intestine.

It almost behaves like fiber, providing bulk for the bowel motion and fuel for the beneficial bacteria. It also slows down the rate that stomach processes food and delays the passage of the carbohydrates with it.

To balance your gut flora and keep your belly flat and happy consider natural yoghurt, miso soup, sauerkraut, kimchi and kambucha.

5. Dark chocolate

Chocolate contains several substances that may improve mood such as phenylethylamine, which can act as a brain neurotransmitter and affect your mood and pleasure. Chocolate also contains magnesium, one of the nutrients needed for production of serotonin, the primary hormone responsible for good mood.

Zinc is essential for hormone balance and sex drive, hence the old wives’ tale of using oysters (which contain high amounts of zinc) as an aphrodisiac.

5 Foods You Should Eat Before You Go Out On A Date  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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